Friday, November 9, 2012

Grace and Truth Books!

Hey Neighbors!

I received two books from Grace and Truth Books.  They are called Grace Raymond and First Impressions of God.  Now, I will tell you up front, I love old Christian books, and these are reprints from the late 1800's.  My favorite type!  We actually have a collection of old tract society books and other Christian books from that time period.  These two books are from the Girl's Heritage Collection.

This set includes all the following books:
* The Little Girl's Treasury
* I Have a Soul
* The Dairyman's Daughter
* Behind Mr. Bunyan
* Patty's Curiosity
* The Young Cottager
* Grace Raymond
* First Impressions of God
This set is available now for $39.

Grace Raymond or The Evil and Cure of a Passionate Temper is about a little girl and how she learns to deal with her temper. The book was written for the American Sunday School Union by a deaf and dumb lady.  Yes, that is what it says!  This is a paperback book that is 62 pages long. I really enjoy books like this that deal with sin and call it such.  So many books today dance around calling sin wrong and they are often written for mere entertainment.  This is a book that will remain in our library.  The book gives a clear gospel message and teaches a child how to deal with their temper.

The second book, First Impressions of God is written by Ann Wells.  This book is a little longer, 102 pages,  and is the story of Emily Tappan.  I believe this will become a favorite in our home.  My daughter has read it and we are going to read it together as a family.  In this story, Emily, a young girl learns that she does not know God, neither does her family.  She meets a young friend who teaches her about God and she struggles with coming to know Him.  Another great gospel message.

Both of these books use phrases that you might need to explain to your child.  We have read books like these since our children were very little, so it was not difficult for them to understand.  I do realize though that it might be best to read together with younger children so you can explain some of the words.  Here is an example of some words you might have to explain: gambols, shades of evening, deportment, or vexation.  We love the old sound ing words and phrases!

Grace and Truth Books has many other books I personally would like to read.  I highly recommend both of the above books to my neighbors here At the Fence.  You will be pleased by the character building lessons that are taught in these books.  And while you are there, be sure to browse their Scratch and Dent section.  The main focus is character building books for children, but they have theology books and books for adults also.

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Disclaimer:  As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are mine.

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DEBIJOT said...

These sound like wonderful books for children. They would be perfect to add to any child's library.