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Funnybone Games Array and Spec-Trix

Hi neighbors!

Here are a couple of great games for your gift giving!  They are Array and Spec-Trix from Funnybone Toys. Now, I will tell you in advance, these are not games to play in the car while traveling.  You do need room to spread out the cards with this game, but they are well worth bringing with you to play when you arrive. Also, these cards are sturdy and will hold up quite well.  They are not thin like regular cards, but are a bit thicker and should last longer.

We have played both games and while both are quite a bit of fun, the hands down favorite for us is Spec-Trix.  These games are well-made, colorful and fun!

Here is what the cards look like!
We played Array first.  it does take some thinking while playing this game.  Array is designed for 2-5 players, so we could not all play at the same time.  The girls and I played after lunch the first time.  It was fun trying to slice, splice, splatter and slam our way to be the first to play all our cards.  It was funny to see someone who had been slammed try to get even with the person who slammed them!  The whole goal is to use your cards up and stay under 100 points.  You do need a pen/pencil and a sheet of paper to keep score.  I won our first round!  Yeah!
Just started the game.

I like having a Splatter card!
Making a move.

This one grew!
Love the colors!
Spec-Trix was next on the table.  This game is a little easier, but can also be confusing trying to keep track of the colors and to use them in the proper order of the color sequence.  Just to share with you here, the children are playing this one as I am writing this.  You can also use Spec-Trix as a memory matching game and to learn colors!  WOW!  Breaking news: My son won!
Your spectrum of colors.

Just starting.  Who will win?

Someone's hand!

Funnybone Toys also has a game called CUBU.  Here are the rules:


Visual illusion leads to confusion as you try to follow number and color sequences.
Watch out for the action cards that could completely disrupt your turn!
Get to 100 points before the rest and you’ve won the CUBU challenge!
Play Speed CUBU and really test your visual perception.

You can see these games on their website.

Almost to a White Light!

See the color collections and sequences.
 A little about Funnybone Toys games:

Owner Julien Sharp with her team of creative geniuses has uncovered a niche that is quickly spreading -- offering hip, museum-quality products that encourage casual entertainment that complements conversation -- no matter what your age. And since everyone appreciates a little glamour in his or her day, Funnybone Toys' three sets of card games brighten up any room. The card sets' color and design may be appreciated consciously or subconsciously but they always attract the players' senses for beauty, design and pleasure. The unanimous response when gift hunters pick up a card box is, “Wow, these are really cool!”

What's the secret behind Funnybone Toys’ meteoric rise in the tough-as-nails toy and game business? Sharp, an expert on people at their leisure, believes there is a passion for smart play for adults as well as children. All age groups are drawn to entertainment that is beautifully designed (think of every new Apple product!). Their first three card games combine a seamless blend of engaging play patterns, vibrant colors and stunning graphics. Everyone can play the games, from age 8 and up. And at $14.99, they’re priced as an affordable and beautiful gift.

These cards are very well made.

What will she play this time?

These games are appearing in museums and Specialty Stores.  Below is a list of some of the museums.

Phoenix Art Museum
San Diego Museum of Art
Denver Art Museum
The Smithsonian Institute
High Museum of Art (Atlanta)
Art Institute of Chicago
Walker Art Center
Guggenheim Museum
Whitney Museum of American Art
Seattle Art Museum
Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

Be sure and check out the Funnybone Toys Social pages like Facebook and Twitter and leave a comment or give them a shout! Consider purchasing a couple for gifts this year!

One of my neighbors here will receive their choice of one of the three Funnybone Toys games.

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blessnel said…
I am liking the CUBU
Unknown said…
I think I would pick Array.
Shelley P said…
I'd choose Array : )
justicecw said…
We would love Spec-Trix!
Unknown said…
I would pick CUBU I think
Unknown said…
Cubu looks pretty amazing...and reminds me of paint sample cards ?? ;)
Carri said…
I would pick Array!
Anonymous said…
Nichole Bentley said…
I would choose CUBU :)
Thank you!
danimcgarry said…
I think the Spec-Trix game looks like fun! Thank you!
Kelmomola said…
I would choose CUBU Kelly F
Unknown said…
I would choose the Spectra game.

My Name: Heather Abbe
My Email: abbegirl1977 at gmail dot com
Kristen said…
They all look fun. I'd pick Spec-Trix.

kristen_yeh at yahoo dot com
Wendy said…
I think I would choose Array!

Unknown said…
Cubu looks like a really fun game to play! Thanks for the giveaway.
jovialjen said…
They all look fun, but I think I'd go with Array.

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