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Euclid Zometool FUN!

Hey Neighbors!

Check out this really neat, fun, educational toy from Euclid, Zometool!  This toy is perfect for any child who loves to build and create with their hands.  This comes with a booklet with some designs your child can copy or they can create on their own.  What a wonderful gift idea!

We received the Creator 1.

System Kit: Creator 1 • Ages 6+ • $59
Remember the saying that “no two snowflakes are alike?” Build your own with this starter kit with 246 parts including 186 struts, 60 nodes neatly packed in a sturdy carrying case. Clear and colorful step-by-step instructions will get you started while leaving you a wide universe open for exploration and free-play. Kids and grownups will enjoy building hundreds of models from simple to profound. Once Zometool skills are mastered, move on to more challenging Creator Levels like Advanced Math Creator 4!

It has 246 parts.  By registering your kit you will receive access to:
zomespace-a world of models and their people
zomepad-software to build and learn
zomecare-replacement of broken parts

Zometool can even be used for teaching.  You can teach nature, science, art, mathematics, and architecture. There is a manual that comes with the kit that will walk you and your child through several building possibilities.

And here is an offer for my neighbors! 15% off an order, plus free shipping, and expires Nov. 30. Just enter the code:Fence.  This is most likely case sensitive.

About Zometool:
The quality and addictive fun were noticed this year by several prestigious award organizations. Dr. Toy named Creator 3 and Ice Crystals & Stars her 2012 Best Picks Winners. Creative Child Awards gave Creator 1 its 2012 Top Toy of the Year Award in the Build Construction Catory and 2012 Kids Product of the Year Award in the Kids Educational Product Category. And since the kits are made in Colorado, they were inducted into the Made in the USA Hall of Fame by the Made in the USA Foundation.

Not to brag, but Zometool has been used by some of the smartest people in the world from NASA
scientists to Nobel Prize winners. The same balls and primary color struts placed in the hands of middle schoolers have been known to open up a new world of 3-D thinking. Educators, parents, scientists, artists and college grads enjoy playing with the building pieces as much as the 6 to 16 year olds.

My daughter really had fun playing with the Zometool.  She started by copying from the book, but finished up by creating on her own.  Not only is this a good toy for quiet time, or rainy days if you use the enclosed booklet you will be able to do projects together with your child.

GREAT GIFT IDEA!  Be sure to visit their website and see the other kits available.  Ranging in price from $10- $62 there is a kit available for every budget and interest level.  Oh, and here is the link to the Zometool Facebook page and Zometool Twitter page.

The winner of this giveaway will receive their choice of Crazy Bubbles or Pyramid Puzzle.  See the pictures and descriptions below.
Pyramid Power:

Pyramid Power • Ages 10+ • $10
The perfect stocking stuffer for any math whiz on your list, this mesh pouch holds 37 pieces that can be combined to create up to 64 different pyramids (aka tetrahedra). A brainbuster and conversation starter, this mathematical riddle is rooted in the wisdom of the ancient Greeks. Can you solve the mystery of the ages?

Crazy Bubbles:

Crazy Bubbles • Ages 6+ • $19
Who says bubbles have to be round? Not Zometool players. Make 'em square, try cubic or triangular bubbles, banana curves, spiral bubbles; even a shadow from the 4th Dimension-a hypercube! This crazy kit makes a whole new dimension in bubble-ology that's tons of fun for the whole family. Amaze your friends with bubble-faceted jewels. This 52-piece kit makes impressive show 'n tell or school projects for everyone to admire.

Hurry up and share this giveaway with friends and family!  And be sure to enter yourself!

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Danielle S said…
I would love to have that starter kit
lag123 said…
I would choose pyramid power.
pyramid power looks fun.
ShellyH said…
Pyramid Power as it looks a little more challenging
Anne N. said…
I like the Crazy bubbles.
Coolestmommy said…
I would like the Pyramid Power.

Unknown said…
I like the pyramid power.
Unknown said…
I'd choose pyramid power for a grandson. Thanks for the giveaway!
Jenn said…
FYI- I like you on FB as Lynn Sorkowski
jlapage said…
Ice crystals & stars! :-)
Anonymous said…
Crazy bubbles would be fun.
Unknown said…
love the crazy bubbles
Kimberly said…
I would choose Pyramid Power.
kerri said…
pyramid power looks fun!
Hilary said…
I would pick Crazy bubbles
Unknown said…
starter kit or crazy bubbles
Ashley turicik said…
Crazy bubbles

Rafflecopter name is Ashley turicik
michedt said…
I'd take the bubbles. Thanks!
Missy L said…
I would choose Crazy Bubbles

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