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Dayspring has Some Inspiring Gifts

Hey Neighbors!

I received a beautiful gift set from Dayspring.  It includes a Tabletop Advent Calendar Devotional, a Table Runner, the Love Came Down Tealight Trio, and a holiday ornament from the Redeemed Collection. Just in time for holiday decorating.

The Tealight trio says:
1st Tealight Holder: Jesus
2nd Tealight Holder: brightest hope
3rd Tealight Holder: purest love

The Tealight Holders will look beautiful with the Table Runner.  The table runner has names of Jesus on it.  The Bread of Life, Prince of Peace, Saviour, Light of the World, etc.

The ornament says, "Wonders of His Love".  It is sort of old fashioned looking.

The Advent Calendar devotional can also be left out on your table.  I just want to share one of the devotions.  On December 2, it says; "The Promise of a Saviour  Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord. (Luke 2:11).  Now we use the King James, so we just look it up and quote it from our Bible, but I really enjoyed the encouragement at the bottom of the page.  Knowing that you have been saved from all sin, how can you share that wonderful news with someone today?

What a beautiful reminder to share our faith with others.  Perhaps these would be a encouragement for one of my neighbors.  Are there any special decorations you put out around the home?  These really are beautiful to look at and I will be using the table runner and tea light holders on our dining room table.  Perhaps we will take time to look up and read each of the passages regarding the different names for Christ.

How wonderful to know you have been redeemed and that you are given the chance to share this with others.  As we head into the holidays it is even easy to do this if we stay focused on Christ.  These items around your home will encourage you and your family to do just that.  Stay focused and then to share Christ and His redemption power with others.

How would you use items these around your home?  One neighbor will receive the same set I received from Dayspring.

Tell me what inspires your holidays!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive a gift set for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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My faith inspires me.
ShellyH said…
I would also have to say my Catholic faith but in addition to that, my little grand daughter inspires me too
Shelly Peterson said…
My children and grandchildren inspire me :)
Danielle S said…
What inspires me during Christmas? My faith in God and in my family.
Coolestmommy said…
I'm inspired by seeing my faith in action and answers to prayers.

Brittany said…
My son inspires me!
Unknown said…
I teach Sunday School to a bunch of 4 year old children, they inspire me in the little amount of time I get to spend with them on Sunday! Not only has my faith in Christ grown but these children drive me to want to be better person!
scottsgal said…
watching my mom's faith while battling cancer inspired me
Crissyanna said…
Seeing how God has moved in the past and is continuing to move today inspires me.
ProjectHope7 said…
His Endearing and steadfast Love inspires me! His Grace and Mercy inspire and encourage me... it motivates me to go on no matter how hard the journey is.
Cathy B*****y
pbprojecthope at yahoodot com
jlapage said…
My mom, definitely!!! :-)
Terra Heck said…
I'm inspired by my son's giving spirit. He's worked hard these past few weeks by cracking pecans and selling them. He then took his hard earned cash and bought gifts for others. He has a had work ethic and I'm inspired by him to keep going and never give up and have a generous spirit. Thanks.
michedt said…
I'm inspired everyday by nature. Thanks!
Missy L said…
I'm inspired when I see others give to the point where it hurts some. Giving is great but giving at that level involves sacrifice and I admire that. I know it's hard to take it to that level.

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