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Empower Boxing Boot Camp!

Hey Neighbors! Are you planning on getting in shape after the holidays?  Or do you know someone who does?  Then maybe you should check into the Empower Boxing Boot Camp set ($39.99).  I received this set from Empower for review purposes (and they are going to do a giveaway too!). Anyway, I have a 25 year old daughter who takes working out seriously.  She also enjoys practicing Martial Arts.  She has a bag outside to practice on, along with using her brother.  So, when I told her about this she was really excited. She has been doing this program 2-3 days a week since we received it.  The first time she used it, she told me it was really fun!  Then the next day she wasn't so excited, when she told me how sore she was from using different muscles!  I had to laugh!  Anyway, she likes the Empower Boxing Boot Camp . The set comes with a comfort fit jump rope, a 6 lb. sand filled toning ball, 2 lb. weighted gloves (1 lb. each), the 12 Rounds DD and a workout guide.  

To My Neighbors!

Hey All! I just fixed the Carmex post for entering, so if you already read it, but didn't enter, you can now!  Sometimes I wonder about myself!  Just one of those days! :) I wanted to take a minute to thank all of you who faithfully come in and read all my posts.  I really appreciate it.  Also keep an eye out because we have some really nice products coming up for review and some really great giveaways! Have a GREAT weekend!

Carmex Everyday Lip Conditioner

Hey neighbors! I received a new Carmex product!  It is great!  It is Carmex Everyday Lip Conditioner . (Orange Flavor)  It is almost like a lotion for your lips. The label states: Creamy, fast absorbing, non-greasy, 13 moisturizers for soft, smooth lips This lip conditioner actually looks and feels like a lotion.  It goes on smooth and works great!  We are experiencing some 30 and below weather, so my lips have been chapping.  Mainly because I forget to use anything until they are chapped and cracking! I like the way it goes on and of course the orange scent is nice too. When I say I like the way it goes on, I mean it seriously is like a lotion.  It is not thick, it just flows on.   My daughter said it smells like the orange dreamsicles.  And then a friend who was visiting said it smells like the orange scented tooth cleaner their dentist uses!  Everyone I have had try it, likes it!  So be sure to grab a couple next time you are out shopping and keep them on hand.

CAT Mining Play Set from Toy State!

Hey neighbors! Everyone remember the giveaway a short time ago from Toy State for a CAT Mining Play Set ?  Guess what?  They are allowing us to give away another set!  Are you still looking for a special toy for that little boy?  Or maybe your little girl likes play sets like this!  Be sure to check out the Toy State website for this and other great gift ideas! You can purchase this set for just $9.99 through Amazon, or at Walmart, Target, Kmart or Toys R Us.  This set is designed for ages 3 and up.  It requires 2 AAA batteries so your child can enjoy the push-button sound effects. This set comes with a small mountain that your child can drive the truck to the top of to pretend fill.  Then they can drive down the hill and through the tunnel.  All with sound effects available, just by pushing the buttons. The CAT Mining Play Set can be used inside for quiet playtime, or outside depending on the weather.  You could even use it for travel entertainment.  You know, when

Pinypon and Nenuco Party

Hey neighbors! I had the chance to host a Pinypon/Nenuco Party!  What alot of fun we had!   Pinypon are these adorable little dolls and you can interchange their clothing and hair.  They also come with accessories and playsets, like caravans, shopping mall and hotel.  Now, although I would recommend these for girls, one little boy had some fun with them too! Nenuco is a doll that blows bubbles and uses her own little potty after drinking water from her bottle.  The one little girl who went home with this one was soooo funny!  She told her brother not to sit in one spot on the carpet because the doll had an accident there!  We were laughing so hard over this. Feeding the baby! I think she is using her potty! When can I feed the baby? No!  Don't sit there! My turn! A great time was had by all and everyone Took home a Pinypon figure.  I am not sure if everyone took home the original hair and clothing after the trading was done, but everyone

Hotel Supplies

Hello Neighbors!  How are you all doing today?  How many of you have gone to hotels and had problems? As you all know we go several times a year.  And although we normally have a great time, occasionally there are problems.  Like the time we checked in and there were obvious saliva stains on the pillowcase. YUCK!  I'm sure everyone has a problem at one point or another.  Leave a comment and tell me if you have ever had problems at a hotel.  I personally am thinking that some of the problems are the employees but many of the problems are management.  Finding a good company with Hotel Supplies is a plus.  I mean, your first impression of a room usually lasts. I found a place called Peachsuite hotel supply it has pretty much everything you can think of that a hotel needs it was so neat looking around on there. Not only do they carry bedding and bathroom supplies, but they carry cleaning supplies as well.  I was amazed at the amenities they have available for hotel rooms.  This

Winter Weather and Lugz!

Good day neighbors! I don't know about you, but we are beginning to cool off here.  As a matter of fact it has gotten down right cold!  I am talking below 30 a couple of mornings.  So I am beginning to think winter wear!  Have you seen the Lugz boots?  I received a pair and they are perfect for winter use!  I am thinking about giving them to my daughter for a gift, so don't tell her! The Ladies Drifter Fur $74.99, is a really nice boot. This is a stylish, feminine version of the men's work boot.  And it is so comfortable. Details: Nubuck upper Cushioned insole Soft acrylic fur collar Rubber traction outsole Can you think of someone who would like a pair of boots like these?  Or maybe you would like a pair yourself.  Drop a couple hints, or maybe send someone the link to these post and maybe you will get a pair.  Perhaps you could leave this post pulled up on your computer screen at home for your husband to see.  These are definitely worth the inve

Magna Color! What Fun!

Hi Neighbors! Here is a really neat gift item.  It is called Magna Color  from Tech4Kids.  The set I received comes with the Magna Color Design Station, 4 dot dispensing pens, a screen swiper, 4 stencils, 160 magnetic dots and a pair of 3D Ultravision glasses.  Designed for ages 4 and up. Your child can design 3D pictures, over and over again.  The magnetic dots store in the back of the Magna Color Design Station.  There is also a place to store the pens and screen swiper.  Everything can be carried easily.  I do recommend that supervision be used when younger children design with this as the dots are small.  Your child can use the design stencils and fill in the "dots" or they can design their own.  My children liked seeing the designs through the 3D glasses. ABOUT TECH 4 KIDS INC. Since 2009, Tech 4 Kids has been designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing children’s toys in over 60 countries worldwide. With offices in Hong Kong, China, and To