Friday, October 26, 2012

Transmission Repair and Other Car Troubles

Hey Neighbors!

As you know from a previous post we spent 10 years on the road.  During that time we had so many different break downs.  I am talking from the normal flat tire to transmission trouble, from ball bearings needed replaced to radiator problems.  And that does not even include the times our vehicle has been broken in to and needed repair.  We even had to have new leaf springs put in a van because the trailer weight put the rear of the van too low.  When we had transmission troubles we had to have the transmission replaced. "Transmission Repair Austin," would have been great to hear at that point.  We have friends in Austin who could have directed us toward a repair shop, but wouldn't you know, we had a hard time finding someone to do the repairs.  We were in a small town at the time, and a friend helped us get to a point where we could get the transmission replaced in another town

I love our Suburban, but I have decided it is a target for thieves.  So far just this year we have been hit twice and needed to have repairs done.  The first time we were in Indianapolis and someone popped our door lock.  Professionally of course.  We couldn't open the driver's door at all for about 2 weeks, because we were traveling and did not have the necessary time for repairs.  Then of course you have all read my recent account of having one of our windows smashed while in the Dallas, Texas area.  At least we were able to have that one repaired the next day!  A friend has suggested we install an alarm system.  Not sure if that would have worked when they broke the window.

Our biggest problem with repairs on the road is finding a repair shop we can trust.  You don't have the option of going to someone you know while traveling.  All too often we have had to just trust whoever we found.  Occasionally we knew someone in the area who could recommend a good repair shop..

I will share one of the strangest car troubles we had.  We were driving down the road, when a car approached us, the driver was honking his horn and waving wildly.  We pulled over and he explained that smoke was pouring out behind our vehicle.  It was nothing worse than a burning belt that had melted, but it sure was a little scary at the time!

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post for Carters Transmission and Air Conditioning, however, all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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