Monday, October 29, 2012

The Sugar Creek Gang Beloved Books

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As you all know we recently returned from our very long trip to Texas and New Mexico.  I have to share with you one little item that really helped my daughters handle the long hours in the vehicle.  It is the Sugar Creek Gang Vol. 1 on CDs from Beloved Books.  Not only did it help traveling, but they wanted to listen to them while going to sleep!  The set arrived right before we left on our trip.

Now, my older girls grew up listening to Sugar Creek stories on the radio, and of course they read all the books they could get their hands on.  Somehow though we just sort of lost track of the Sugar Creek Gang, except for a few books, until just recently when we were offered the opportunity to review them through the TOS Crew program.  I have to say I jumped at the chance to get these in my daughters' hands.  They were excited too!

Volume one contains six stories.  They do inform you, that these are not in the same order as the cassettes, so be sure you check the titles before ordering.  The stories on this set are:
1. The Swamp Robber
2. The Killer Bear
3. The Winter Rescue
4. The Lost Camper
5. Chicago Adventure
6. The Secret Hideout

After hearing these, I feel like we know Bill Collins, the 10 year old narrator and his best friend Poetry.  The rest of the crew is dragonfly, Big Jim, Little Jim and Circus.  Your children will easily be able to relate to these fun, God loving characters.  I love how they weave christianity into the stories so naturally.

You can purchase these sets from the Blessed Books website for $54.95.  There are 12 CDs in the set.  My daughters have listened to all of them now.  They are now starting over again!

Each story is filled with fun and adventure along with great Bible teaching.  I am so glad we have this set and I have a feeling we will be ordering more.  These would make a great gift idea.

Here is just a little bit about the Sugar Creek Gang.  They were written by Paul Hutchens, beginning in 1939.  Paul Ramseyer chose to dramatize the books for radio several years ago.  Now you and your family can enjoy the 36 book audio series on CD.  Over 100's of hours on 72 CDs.

If you just want to sample one story first, you can purchase the first story, The Swamp Robber for just $4.95  with free first class postage.  You can also order all 6 volumes for $279.70 and save $50.  Be sure to visit the Beloved Books website and look around!

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Disclaimer:  As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are mine.

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DEBIJOT said...

I can remember reading the books to my daughter when she was much younger. They are great.