Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Synch Bands Are Great!

Hello Neighbors!

How is everyone?  Our trip has been busy, but very fun.  It has been great to have some time with our friends.  My little sister has really been loving not having to stop her re-tie her shoes every five minutes...

Here is some information about Synch Bands... "It all started out with the idea of being able to lace up a pair of Converse in a really cool way. Then it became a passion to simplify the whole shoe tying process, because who really ties their shoes anymore anyway? Two friends from Southern California with a vision to change the way we do one simple task everyday. Tying Shoes. For practical reasons it’s about not having to tie kids shoes that are too young to tie their shoes anyway. And from a straight up fashion and style perspective, it’s all about personalizing your kicks! Who doesn’t want to trick out their lace pattern in their own way."

My little sister has a really nice pair of sneakers, but they have laces and they are always coming undone.  She used to get really irritated!  She would tie her shoelaces and five minutes later they would need to be tied again.  Not fun!  Then we ran into Synch Bands - I requested some in pink (her favorite color).  As soon as I received these we sat down together and switched from her old shoelaces to her new pink Synch Bands.  

First remove the laces.  Then start adding in the new ones...

And then try them on...

She loves them!  No more tying her shoes every five minutes, no more tripping on shoelaces, not to mention her shoes look a lot better with the Synch Bands!  I also received a pair of Purple Synch Bands for my sneakers!  They are GREAT!

Synch Bands are really great!  My little sister gives them a thumbs up!

Synch Bands is going to send one of my Neighbors two pairs of their choice of size/color!  Wow!  

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karenmed409 said...

Venom - Wht/Blk/Gry
Size M
Thank You

amy beth marantino said...

i would get large/black