Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shaving, Razor Bumps and other Skin Irritations

Hi neighbors!

Do any of you have husbands who have experienced razor bumps from shaving? Or perhaps you or your husband have experienced razor burn.  How do you prevent problems from shaving?  Do you have any little tricks or tips you would like to share here?

Razor bumps are caused from a hair curling under the skin and growing the wrong way.  This can be very irritating and it is not easy to clear up.  Obviously the easiest solution is to stop shaving, but this is not always an option. You can do a few other things to help.  First be sure to use warm water to open pores before shaving.  Use a good conditioning shaving cream and be sure to lather up well.  Try to shave less often, maybe letting it go over the weekend and be sure to use cool water to close the pores when you are done.  With an electric razor you can shave, but just don't shave as close.

Both my daughters have recently begun shaving and we had to explain to them how to prevent razor burn.  Obviously some of the very same hints from above work.  One other is to never, never dry shave.  Now how many of you out there will admit to trying this at least once even though you knew better?  I know I did several times when in a hurry, and I always paid for it.  Always, always use water and a conditioning shave cream.  I have taught my daughters about this, but I am sure they will try a dry shave at some point! :)

There is always the possibility of using a cream or lotion to remove hair.  you need to make sure you will not react to the chemicals first.  My one daughter has very sensitive skin, so this is not an option for her. I used a cream as a teenager, but I have not used one of these in years.

I also apply a moisturizing lotion when I am through as shaving has a tendency to dry out the skin.  My daughters are following in my footsteps.  My husband and sons use an aftershave to help with this. Be sure to share your little tricks here to help make shaving easier and less painful.

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post for The Art of Shaving, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Unknown said...

You are a wonderful mother for teaching your children about shaving, I think it's great that you do that. I love my mother and I wouldn't trade her for the world but there are some things I wish she taught me (like shaving) when I was a kid. When I started shaving, I didn't know you couldn't dry shave and I didn't know about ingrown hairs, razor bumps, or razor burns. I wasn't taught exactly how to shave. I think some parents don't realize how important it is to tell your kids these things. Now that I'm older, I'm really paying for it because I've got ingrown hairs and razor bumps all over, I'm also growing longer and thicker hair in places I shouldn't due to shaving! It's caused some self-esteem issues. But I've got a new shaving cream and it works wonders, I've got some razor bumps on legs and the cream has made it my legs smoother. I'm also using a better type of razor, schick quatro! I always used such cheaper razors, like dollar cheap, so this is the best quality razor I've ever owned.