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Run Wild! Out of the Box Games

Hey Neighbors!

Here's a fun one for Family Fun Night!  It is called "Run Wild" by Out of the Box Games!  We really enjoy other Out of the Box games, so we were excited to get a chance to try this one.

To begin with, my children LOVE any game they can play a round of reasonably fast.  If lunch is over early, they play a quick game before heading back to school.  They also try to get in a quick game before bed!  So Run Wild fits right into this category.  Anther fun, fast-paced card game.

Run Wild comes with 72 Cards.  60 Number Cards, 9 Wild Cards, and 3 Draw 3 Cards.  These come in a nice plastic case for storage.  You need to choose a dealer and have a sheet of paper to keep score.  Write each player's name on the sheet of paper.  The dealer shuffles the cards and deals out the cards to players.  Each player should have an equal amount of cards.  Each player places their stack of cards in front of them face down.  Next each player takes 8 cards from the top of their pile.  The round begins when the dealer says "Go!".  There are no turns in this game.  Everyone just begins playing.  They can at any time:
Play a set or run
Play a Wild Card
Draw a Card
Add a Card to a Set or Run
Take a Card from a Set or Run
Play a Draw 3 Card

A Set is three or more cards of any single number regardless of color (A purple 3, a yellow 3, and a green 3).  A Run is three or more cards of the same color in numerical order. (3,4,5).  A Wild Card can replace any number or card.

Players continue to draw and play cards until someone has played all of the cards in his or her hand.   That player must say "Out!" and all other players stop play immediately.  there can still be cards in a player's pile when they go out.  During the game any player may play a Draw 3 card.  When he lays it down beside his pile and says, "Draw 3!", each other player must draw three more cards from their pile.  If there are less than three cards in their pile, they must pick up all they have.

Basically the idea is to get rid of your cards as fast as you can.  There are some other small rules, but this gives you the gist of the game.  You then add up the score for each card in your hand.  At the end of four rounds the person with the lowest score is the winner.

Out of the Box, has such a variety of fun games available.  Many of them are perfect for a Family Fun Night. We have previously reviewed other Out of the Box Games, and have met some of the employees from Out of the Box at ChiTAG.  We hope to see them again this year when we visit the Chicago Toy and Game Fair.

About Out of the Box:

Games should be fun. They provide delightful diversions to our lives. Most importantly, games bring us together – for real entertainment with real people.
Out of the Box Publishing creates innovative party, card and board games that provide fresh, fun and engaging ways to enjoy time with friends and family. Games that:

  • can be learned in minutes.
  • are colorfully illustrated and fun to play.
  • can easily be played in less than an hour.
  • are efficiently designed in smart packaging.
  • feature dynamic player interaction from start to finish.

  • Since 1998 Out of the Box Publishing has become a leading American game company. We are the proud recipients of the most prestigious awards in the game world.

    Out of the Box is definitely a family favorite here!  And Out of the Box is going to send one neighbor their own set of Run Wild!  Be sure to "Follow" them on Twitter and "Like them on Facebook.  We have!

    Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this review.  I did receive a copy of Run Wild for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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    Sandra VanHoey said…
    Bug Out looks like a cute game also

    Sandy VanHoey
    Momma Told Me said…
    We'd like to play Bug Out!
    Karla S said…
    I would like the shake n take game
    coleycoupons said…
    Heather said…
    Bug Out looks like a pretty fun game. My little one would love it.

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