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Peter Pauper Press - Great Travel Items!

Hello Neighbors!

The newest Secret Agent! :D

How is everyone today?  We are having alot of fun on our trip!  We are getting a little tired of being in the car all day though! :D  I am sure you know how traveling gets.  This trip has been a long one.

My little sister gets bored after being in the vehicle for a while.  That is why I chose the Brainiac's Secret Agent Activity Book for Kids!  I figured it would help keep her busy and give me some reading time.  And it did!  She has really enjoyed working on the activities in the book.

Here is some information about the Activity Books... "Have fun learning to be a secret agent! Send secret messages with code rings; solve mysteries; get lost in mazes; fingerprint your friends; and learn about true spies of the past. Use the invisible ink pen (included) to write really magic messages! Includes ink pad for taking fingerprints.128 pages. Ages 8 and up. Concealed wire-o binding; hardcover. 7-3/4" wide x 8-1/4" high."

Having fun!

I also received one Pink and one Purple iLite Book Light. Perfect for reading while she is working in her book!  These work really good!  We were out pretty last the other night (visiting some bookstores!:) and on the way back it was already dark.  Everyone else had to put their books up (we did eventually share!) but my little sister and I had our book lights!  It was really nice to be able to read... even after dark.

Peter Pauper Press has some really great items that would make super nice gifts!  Make sure you go check them out.

Peter Pauper Press agreed to send one of my Neighbors a Brainiac's Secret Agent Activity Book for Kids, and a i-Lite Book Light!  Wow!

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karenmed409 said…
I think the I-LITE PINK for night time reading and the SAFARI ADVENTURE MAGNAFORMS
I like the Ready, Set, Draw Animals
Steph said…
Anne N. said…
Coolestmommy said…
I like the Princess and the Safari Magnetic Sets.
April Yedinak said…
I like the Cherry Blossoms journal

april yedinak
Kimberly said…
I like the Princess Bella Scratch and Sketch

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