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Our Vehicle Was Broken Into

Hey neighbors!

As you all know we are traveling right now.  We have been on the road for quite some time this trip and will soon be heading back.  I wanted to share with you about something that happened on this trip.  We finished up our visit in Roswell Wednesday evening and we headed into Texas.  Since you are well aware that we like to stop at Half Price bookstores, it will not amaze you that on our way to Dallas we stopped at one on the outskirts of Fort Worth.

It was just beginning to get dark out as we pulled in.  My husband parked the vehicle near the front of the parking lot, about one row over from being directly in front of the store.  Our new Sheltie was in the third seat of the Suburban and we all went inside.  Now, to give you just a little information, we had just picked up Pansy, and we had all our electronics in the vehicle; several laptops for blogging and homeschool, an iPad, a couple of iPods, a new GPS, and my camera.  When we travel the laptops are in the far back, but the other electronics are often being used.  Well, when we stopped this time, my son stuck his iPod in the back of the seat, we shut off the GPS, and my daughter placed my iPad under a fold down seat in the second row of seats.

We were only in the store about 30 minutes, when my daughter and I walked outside while my husband finished checking out.  I went to the driver's side and she went to the passenger's side.  The driver's side was away from the store.  I had pressed the unlock button, but as I came around the vehicle, I saw black glass all over the ground and was wondering how I had missed it getting out of the vehicle.  At that moment, reality hit and my daughter yelled to me, "Mom they broke a window!".  Sure enough the driver's side second window was busted all over.  I quickly opened the door to find the GPS and the iPad gone!  The poor dog was huddled in the rear seat looking extremely scared.

I hurried to the store to inform my husband.  We called 911, and waited for the police to show up.  While waiting we checked on the other electronics.  Nothing else was taken.  We are assuming that this was not the first time they had done this, and we think they saw the GPS plugged in and the iPad was just a bonus they found when they opened the door.  No one saw anything and of course there were no cameras in the parking lot.  We borrowed a broom and dustpan from the Half Price employees and cleaned up all the glass after the officers had a look around.  My son immediately used his iPod to lock down my iPad and to have it notify us if it was connected to the WiFi anytime soon.  Now, I realize there is probably some way for the thieves to get around this, but I am hoping it works.  I also realize I will probably never see the iPad again, so I will have to start saving for a new one.  I called Apple and they said I had taken the right steps, but I have accepted that I will have to get a new iPad.

We had to drive to our hotel that night, minus the window, and they very kindly allowed us to park under their front entranceway until we could get the window repaired the next day.  Now I am extremely careful about what I leave in the vehicle.  Also the gentleman who repaired the glass said it was someone who new what they were doing and that they had used a crowbar to pop the window.  I am so glad I did not send my two daughters out together to check on the dog.  I am also glad that even though they managed to get a new GPS and my iPad, they could have gotten quite a bit more if they had more time.  I do miss my iPad for typing up posts while driving, but I am so glad nothing worse happened.  My posts may be a little strung out the next couple of days, so please be patient with me.  We are still traveling and I can no longer do posts while driving.  Thanks again for visiting At the Fence!  On to more adventures!


Darlene said…
I am so sorry to hear about what happened, its good you realize it could have been much worse. Those things are replaceable a persons life is not.
karenmed409 said…
Glad to hear you all weren't hurt, and that the lock down will work and you can get your items back
Julie said…
That is terrible news! Glad to hear that your family is safe!
Patricia N said…
I'm so sorry that happened! And while you were traveling makes it more complicated. I hope the rest of your travels go well.
tannawings said…
I am so sorry to hear that this had to happen- it seems there are folks everywhere you go that arent the greatest :( I am happy though they also didnt take your dog- many purebreds are taken this way so thank goodness for that!
Coolestmommy said…
That is really awful. I'm just so glad that nobody was out there and everyone was safe. And thankfully, they didn't get more than they did.

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