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OcuFresh Eye Wash

Hi Neighbors!

Anyone finding their eyes itching lately?  I have and so have some of my children.  Fall and spring really hit me.  Anyway, when OcuFresh offered to allow me to try some of their products, it was perfect timing.  Not to mention, I have been doing some fall cleaning and stirring up dust.

I received a tote bag with $50 worth of OcuFresh products inside.  The MiniDrops are going to be my favorite.  They are a Lubricant Eye Drop.  All of the drops I received are preservative free.  The MiniDrops come in small one use tubes.  I really like this feature.  This way you know you are using a sterile eye drop in your eye.

There was also the Eye-Cept Rewetting Drops.  These are also one use tubes for soft contact lens.  Now, no one in my family has contact lens, but these would be great when you experience dry eyes.

OcuFresh Eye Wash is for cleaning your eye of pollen, chlorine and other eye irritants.  You can use the provided cup or you can just use the tube and gently squeeze the eye wash into your eye.  We are doing some work in back, removing a portion of the roof and putting a new roof over the deck.  We just may need this product if sawdust or dirt gets in someone's eye as the work progresses.

The last item in my package was OcuSave.  This is an eye vitamin and mineral supplement.  You take 1-2 of the soft gels with food daily.  This contains essential antioxidants plus Goji Berry, Cassiae Cemem, Eyebright, Bioflavonoids, and Bilberry.

These products are great to have on hand in the medicine cabinet or in the glove box of your vehicle.  Be prepared for the unexpected!  I have even had friends ask me occasionally for eye drops and now I will have them available when needed.

From OcuFresh:
OcuFresh® is Preservative-free Eye Wash in Single-Use Vials. Preservatives are known to cause irritation and increase the risk of ocular allergies. OcuFresh® is preservative-free. It is safe for all ages and sensitivity levels.

Is one of my neighbors interested in receiving an OcuFresh package like mine?  You can if you win this giveaway!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive samples of OcuFresh for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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OcuFresh can be found at CVS Pharmacies.
Darlene said…
I learned that They increase the risk of ocular allergies. OcuFresh® is a preservative-free formulation (in single-use vials). It will not cause preservatives related irritation or allergies.
Coolestmommy said…
I learned that these vials can be used in both emergency use situations as well as daily routine.
dlhaley said…
I learned that you can buy it at Winn Dixie.
meredith m said…
I learned some of their products are preservative free
skkorman said…
I learned that it is available at my local Walgreen's!

skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net
cman said…
In urgent care situations,OcuFresh® quickly and safely cleanses out irritants, dirt, chlorinated water and other loose foreign materials.
Jen S. said…
I learned that you can take your contacts out during the day, rinse them with saline, then put them back in.
Unknown said…
It's preservative free!
Alex said…
I learned that these can be used in both emergency use situations as well as daily routine
Momma Told Me said…
I learned Ocufresh is sold at Sam's Club.
Cheryl Chervitz said…
I learned that it comes in single use vials, and it is preservative free.
eclairre said…
I learned that you can take your contacts out during the day, rinse them with saline, then put them back in.
Anonymous said…
ocufresh can wash out irritants like pollen, dirt, or smoke that are in your environment so your eyes are not as itchy :)
Anonymous said…
Single dose vials
tarter95 said…
You can purchase at Wal Mart.
tarter95 at hotmail dot com

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