Monday, October 1, 2012

Looking to Buy A New Home?

Hey Neighbors!

Are any of you in the market to purchase a new home?  Seeing signs like this Buy Homes Here? We recently assisted a friend to purchase a new home.  Previously we have purchased a home through an individual, but he chose to go through a realtor.  We still went with him to look at a variety of homes before he made a decision or offer.  He was looking for a reasonably priced home not far from ours.  He also did not want right on top of his neighbors.

He actually found the home without the realtors help, but then she stepped in and assisted with the entire purchase process.  She even visited with us one day while discussing the pros and cons of the home.  She was able to tell him exactly what repairs had been made recently and what appliances came with the home.  For this one the roof had recently been replaced.

A funny thing happened though!  He told the realtor just how much he was willing to offer.  Now, our friend has a tendency to re-think things after he has decided, so while waiting to hear back, he decided he should have offered less.  Imagine his surprise when the realtor had already done that.  She had decided that he could probably get it for a little less, since it had been on the market for awhile.  He was amazed!

Since then he has moved in and is completely happy!  He has made several improvements in the time since he actually moved in.  He has added a deck out back, which of course increases the value of the home.  He has also added two dogs to his family.  We actually dog sit occasionally for him.  Anyway, he was extremely satisfied with how the realtor assisted him in his purchase.  She jumped right in and helped him to get a good deal.  She also ran around a bit to get the paperwork signed and over with in a timely manner.

Would he use this realtor again?  I really think so.  Now, I know some people have horror stories over how a realtor treated them, but he really had a good experience and we would gladly use her in the future.  Have any of my neighbors had an experience with a realtor that they would like to share?  Feel free to do so in the comments!  See you all soon, At the Fence!

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post for Remax, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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