Thursday, October 25, 2012

Inversion Tables, Back Pain and a Few Other Tips

Good day Neighbors!

Many of you know that a little over a year ago I had severe back pain.  We were on a trip to Chicago and the pain just kept getting worse and worse.  During this time many suggestions were made for helping with the pain. I heard everything; chiropractor, surgery, inversion table, physical therapy, just to name a few.

Have you ever used an inversion table?  We have a friend who purchased one for his health and he thinks it is great.  Unfortunately he lives so far away I haven't even had a chance to see if it would help any.  I have heard that they are great for taking pressure off the back.  Maybe someday.

I did go to see a chiropractor, but he would not even attempt to adjust my back.  He figured it was a disc and was afraid to cause more damage.  He suggested I visit an emergency room.  My husband agreed.  Well, he was right.  I had a bulging disc and that is also when I found out I had diabetes.  Since then I have been working on several things to help relieve the back pain.

First of all I began dieting as weight loss will help to take pressure off my back.  I also had to change my diet because of the diabetes.  I have completely removed sugar, white flour and most foods that are high in carbs.  

I also began walking on a treadmill.  I was going to walk the neighborhood, but it is too easy to avoid walking due to heat or rain.  Not to mention the roads are not the best and I definitely did not want to injure my back anymore by twisting or stumbling.  I started slow and slowly increased my speed and distance.  I can always tell when I skip a day.  I do some small stretches to loosen up the muscles.

When traveling, I have to remember to get out and walk every half hour or so, or I can feel the pain starting. I have a small pillow I place behind my lower back.  This really seems to help.  A friend of ours has a special seat he sits on, but I nave never tried one of these.

When I sleep, I always sleep on my side.  I place a small pillow between my knees.  I actually did this during pregnancy and have returned to it to assist with my back pain.  It actually helps!

If any of you has a special exercise or suggestion that would help with lower back pain, please share it with me.  I am always willing to try something new to help!

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post for Healthy Back, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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lisagee1234 said...

Floating in water/pool relieves pain for me.