Thursday, October 18, 2012

Guess Where We Are

Hey neighbors!

Take a minute, check out the pictures and take a guess where we are!

These are their streetlights!

A local credit union.

One of the stores on Main Street.
I am sure many of my neighbors already spotted my Lugz in the pictures, now just search for a clue as to where we are. Be sure to add your comment to the original Lugz post here.

We had a great time visiting with our friends in --------. We are now headed to Dallas and will be having a few days of relaxation. I will of course be keeping you posted on where we go and what is happening. Have a great day neighbors! Come back and visit soon, At the Fence!


lisagee1234 said...

Where else but Roswell. John Denver's birthplace. We literally got stranded there for one month. Slept all 30 days with time divided between the just out of town truckstop and the nearby walmart. Slept in our truck.camper, no money...oh my! Spent the days at the library, exploring the town and visiting the zoo/park with the peacocks feeding them grapes :o)That much was fun!

Deborah Hogue said...

Roswell New Mexico

Janet W. said...

How fun! Never been there before but it looks like there are a lot of neat things to see!