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Spot It and Family Fun Night

Hey Neighbors!

Do you have a night set aside for family?  We do!  We try to have family time every Friday evening.  We play games, do puzzles, make treats, and just spend fun time together.  As you know we are going to mainly focus on fun things for family night the next 2 weeks.

Now, here is a game that is quickly becoming a family favorite.  It is called Spot It by Blue Orange Games.  The game is for ages 7 to adult and 2-8 players.  I will warn you, that once everyone catches on, it becomes a very fast paced game.  Spot It is a card game with 55 circular cards.  Each card has 8 different symbols or pictures on it.  According to Spot It there are over 50 different symbols in all.  Now, here's the tricky part, there is only one matching symbol between any two cards.  For a warm up before you actually begin turn over two cards on the table and allow everyone to try to find the matching symbol.  It will always be the same shape and color, only the size may be different.  For example look at the picture below and tell me what symbol appears on both cards.

If you answered anchor, you are correct. You may want to do this a couple times until younger children catch on.

Now you are ready to begin, there are 5 different ways to play Spot It in the rule book.  The Tower is the one we have played the most.

How to play The Tower:
Shuffle all the cards and then deal one card face down to each player.  Stack the remaining cards in the center of the table, face up.  At the same time, all players flip over their card.  The first one to spot the matching symbol on their card, calls out the symbol and takes the card from the center and places it on top of the card in front of them.  This is now their playing card.  Everyone else continues with the card they had.  The goal is to collect as many cards as possible.

The Well is played almost in reverse of The Tower.  In this game there is only one card face up in the center and you deal the remaining cards out evenly to the players.  All players flip their top card over at the same time.  The first one to find a match calls it out and places their card on the top of the pile.  Play continues until someone is out of cards.  First player to run out of cards wins!

Now, I am not going to share the other games here, if you want to find out, I guess you will have to purchase  your own Spot It game or perhaps you can win one here.

Spot It is the perfect game for small parties, family nights, or just a quick game before the children head off to bed.  Spot It is also the perfect size for trips.  It comes in a small tin.  (I love it!  I get tired of cardboard boxes ripping!)

About Blue Orange Games:

With 10 years experience creating high quality games, exquisitely designed for maximum fun, Blue Orange Games looks to the future with consistent ideals.

Using durable materials, Blue Orange pledges to produce high quality, eco-friendly games.
As always, we remain committed to planting two trees for each one used in game construction.
We are proud of our classic games that have consistently earned recognition from retailers, players and the game industry.

Blue Orange Games will be sending the winner of this giveaway, their very own Spot It game.  Make sure you follow Blue Orange Games on Twitter and like them on Facebook!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive Spot It for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are entirely mine.

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andrea v said…
I'll admit we don't do it often enough. The kids love playing games with us.
rubynreba said…
We like to do it on Friday nights if possible.
Shelley P said…
We have family game night on Saturday nights : )
Shelley P said…
We have family game night on Saturdays : )
Unknown said…
we try to have famil game night on the weekends

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