Monday, September 10, 2012

Please Read

Hello neighbors!

Apparently I have picked up a stalker, who is spamming people we know.  It was brought to my attention (by a friend) that he emailed someone from my site here.  If any of you have received an email please let me know.  We know who it is and have spoken to our lawyer regarding  legal action.  I am asking that you do not leave your email in comments on posts.  Just use the Rafflecopter for entry and it records your email for me.  Thank you and I apologize if this has caused an inconvenience for anyone.  Thank you.  At the Fence will continue in it's normal manner.


Barbara Montag said...

Thanks so much for the heads up!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the warning. I think I put mine in a comment for the Bible giveaway because at first glance, I thought you wanted us to. After reading this and looking back at it, I see that I didn't read close enough because it said "not to"...oooopps!

AnnaZed said...

How dreadful for you! I hope it doesn't succeed at taking the fun out of what you are doing.

carolpie said...

Thanks and hope it is resolved soon!

tannawings said...

Thanks for the warning!

I am an 'old' email subscriber- and since you use the google response form, it doesnt have my name (and I havent won forever so thinking perhaps the initial entry is being kicked out)I have 'double subscribed' now due to this- you will see me with both a gmail and yahoo addy subscribing just due to rafflecopter.
Could you have a box on rafflecopter to provide emails in case it is different than the one we use ? Or if we use a different name? I have been tannawings for so long I almost answer to it :)