Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Miracle-Gro Can Help You Find Beauty In the Fall!

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Hello Neighbors!

How is everyone?  We have all been pretty busy!  We have been doing some yardwork, adding some centerpieces, wind chimes, planters, etc.  

Miracle-Gro can help you Find beauty in the Fall.  Do you do any Fall gardening?  I LOVE fall.  It is probably my favorite season.  The weather is great, we always do more baking in the fall, spend more time outside, etc.  

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I have been looking around on Fall plant and feed and looking at the variety of fall planting projects.  There are so many options!  I decided that I would like to add color to my backyard/deck using pansies.  I found two projects via Pinterest that I am thinking would look lovely on our back deck!  The first thing is a Flower Tower using Pansies.  My mom and I both love Pansies so this would be great.  

Wouldn't that look really pretty with pansies?  I think it would!  The other one is just some pansies in a pretty flower pot.  

So pretty!  I would probably put the Flower Tower in one corner/section as the main theme and then put larger sized flower pots in some other corners/nooks with pansies, and then a couple of small flower pots with pansies on the tables.  I think it would look great!

I would also make sure to use the Miracle-Gro Potting Mix.  This potting mis is ideal for all sorts of container or potted plants.  The rich and organic materials help improve drainage and airflow.  


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