Thursday, September 6, 2012

Facial Scrub for Men?

Hey neighbors!

I have been thinking quite a bit lately about gift ideas for the men in my life.  I think that is because both of my sons, 17 and 19, just had their birthdays and we were searching for gifts.  As they get older it becomes more difficult to choose a gift.  I mean, they no longer play with toys!  Each has individual interests, but mainly right now they are focusing on ministry and employment.  We decided to focus on shaving items. What do you think of facial scrub for men?

Now, we did come up with some shaving items that make great gifts.  My husband has a beard.  He only shaves his neck area, and then of course he trims the beard because he likes to keep it very neat looking.  My sons on the other hand, shave every morning.  They have each joked occasionally about growing a beard or mustache, but neither one has ever followed through on it.  For them we can purchase razors, neither one likes electric razors, so we try to purchase a quality razor, not just disposables.  Then of course, one has drier skin than the other.  For him we try to find a good moisturizing shaving cream.  My oldest son can use just about anything.  They both like to use an aftershave.  So a good razor, replacement blades, shaving cream and aftershave have always been on our list.

I did think of some other ideas though.  I think they would enjoy having a shaving cream warmer.  I mean I only keep it just short of cold in the house, so warm shaving cream would probably be nice.  And my husband could use a good, quality pair of trimming scissors.  He is constantly grabbing my sewing scissors, or the girl's craft scissors.  This is not good for my sewing scissors, not to mention, sometimes they do not get returned.  When they aren't where they are supposed to be I know to check the bathroom!  Each one of them has their own travel kit, although they have been known to forget their own and have to borrow from someone else!  My daughter just gave one of her brothers a personalized dopp kit.  He thinks it is great!

When the topic of facial scrubs came up, both my sons were amazed!  Why would they use a facial scrub?  Their sister explained to them, that it can help prevent ingrown hairs by removing dead skin.  Wow!  Should we include one for their dopp kit?

Neighbors, what sort of shaving accessory can you recommend.  Is there a certain item your spouse or son can not live without?

Disclaimer:This is a sponsored post for The Art of Shaving, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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karenmed409 said...

hubby grabs my sewing scissors also.. must be a guy thing... I added a small sewing kit to my big guys kit for when his scout camping trips and tweezers