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Foot Kinetics!

Hi Neighbors!

Do any of you walk, jog, or hike?  As you know I started using a treadmill for exercise and even though I am only walking, I can really feel and see a difference in my feet.  Not to mention, I am one of those barefoot all the time people.  If I can take my shoes off I do!  So, when I had the chance to try Foot Kinetics I was excited.  I received, Walk Goo, Hike Goo and Run Goo!

All three products help prevent blisters.  The Walk Goo helps callus reduction, reduces fatigue and is an all day protection.  Hike Goo, lasts all day, integrates sweat and works in wet and dry conditions.  Run Goo is good for all running sports, integrates sweat and works in wet and dry conditions.  All three form a protective layer on your foot.  Simply remove the slotted overcap, squeeze the tube firmly, and apply the Goo to your foot, especially the heel, toes and sole.  Carefully put your sock on over the Goo leaving it in place.

About Foot Kinetics:

We are inspired by helping people make ‘purposeful strides’ in their lives. Whether they walk for charity, run for health, play as part of a team, hike to a summit, work to support their families, or defend our country we are proud to make foot care products that alleviate foot problems and help people progress in their lives.
We’re also proud to make our protective foot care creams in the US, providing local jobs while also building business and creating profits for our associates and customers both here and around the world.
Our protective creams for walking, running and hiking are good for feet, reduce blisters and calluses, moisturize dry feet and cracked heels and relieve sore feet. Athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, military personnel, charity walk-a-thon participants, construction and industrial workers, teachers, nurses and active moms can have better foot health by using Foot Kinetics™ protective foot care creams.
Feet sweat & swell and even the best footwear does not fit everyone perfectly under all conditions. The related friction and pressure cause blisters, calluses, nerve abrasion and sore feet. Good fitting footwear, technical socks and attempting to keep feet dry help, but are not enough to provide all day protection while hiking, running, playing sports, working out, or on the job.
The best you can do for your feet is to use Foot Kinetics’ foot care creams to create a protective layer between your skin and sock that reduces rubbing, friction, blisters and calluses protecting skin from damage and nerve abrasion while moisturizing dry feet and cracked heels.

Walk Goo, Run Goo and Hike Goo all form a protective layer between your foot and the socks and shoes you wear.  They help to prevent blisters and calluses by preventing friction.  You do need to have socks on after applying because it will make your foot slippery.

No matter what you do, or what sport you participate in, you will find a Foot Kinetics product to meet your needs.  They even have Silk Step, which you rub in, and can wear with flip flops or hose.  Starter bottles on each of the Foot Kinetic products start at $9.99.  You can purchase larger tubes for $16.99-$26.99.  Be sure and visit their website to find out more!  You can also find Foot Kinetics on Facebook.

One neighbor will receive a tube of Foot Kinetics in their choice of Walk Goo, Run Goo or Hike Goo.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive Walk Goo, Run Goo and Hike Goo for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the Foot Kinetics website.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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Kimberly said…
I would choose Walk Goo
Benita said…
I'd select the Walk Goo.

Tabathia B said…
I would get the walk goo

tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com
Heather! said…
I like the Walk Goo!
h4schaffer at gmail dot com
Michelle said…
WalkGoo Protective Foot Cream.
Unknown said…
Run Goo

Samantha D
dull2000 at cox dot net

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