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Butterfly Palace Branson MO

Hey Neighbors!

I am so excited to share this one with you.  While on our 30th Anniversary trip we were able to visit Butterfly Palace.  Have any of my neighbors ever visited?  The butterflies are simply gorgeous!  They have over 1,000 butterflies, along with a few birds, ladybugs and a turtle.  Wait until you see the pictures and videos.

The Gift Shop Area

Aren't they beautiful!

Butterfly Palace is located in Branson MO and is open year round.  For the price of admission you can spend the whole day going through their maze, climbing the coconut tree, wandering with the butterflies, or exploring in their Science Center.  And of course you can pick up a gift from their shop before you leave. Also, if you purchase a day ticket after 3:00 pm, you can come back the next day for free!

 You enter their rainforest, where the butterflies are, through a series of 3 doors.  It is very important to keep the butterflies contained.  You will enter a large room filled with palms, orchids and exotic plants.  It is gorgeous.  Children can wear the pith helmets provided while they explore with kid-sized binoculars.  The butterflies are everywhere and you do need to be careful and watch where you step.  There are benches to sit on and relax while you watch the butterflies.  They are often in motion and occasionally one will land on you!  They have nearly 200 species that they import weekly from around the world.  You will definitely want to bring your camera along.

Next you might want to try the Emerald Forest Mirror Maze.  I have a confession to make here.  I only made it part way before I felt weird and had to leave.  My husband said I was claustrophobic.  I don't know if that was it or not, but many families and children were having a great time.  My daughter (11 years old) has been there before and she thought it was great!  Oh well!

My husband in the Emerald Forest Mirror Maze.

I personally found their Science Center interesting.  They had lizards, frogs, salamanders and such.  And there was this really neat virtual reality desk where you could dissect a frog. Very neat!  Oh!  I forgot to mention the giant cockroaches!  Now, I lived quite a bit of my life in Florida and have had to deal with Palmetto bugs and such, but nothing that was ever this large.  And they are ugly! It took us several minutes of searching to find the poison dart frogs.  You would think with their bright colors it would have been easy, but it wasn't.
Find the blue poison dart frog!
Now do you see the yellow one?

Since it was just my husband and I this trip, we did not attempt the coconut tree climb.  This is one for children.  I did wander through the Banyan maze just for a minute or two to see what it was like.  Not easy!

So if any of you are planning a trip to the Branson area, be sure to add the Butterfly Palace to your list of attractions to visit.  You will be glad you did!  Adults are $18.95, Children 4-12 are $9.95, 3 and under are free.  Seniors (55+) are $16.95.  Be sure to "Like" their Facebook page!

Butterfly Place is giving one neighbor 2 adult passes. Hurry up and enter soon!

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Hope said…
I love Butterfly Palace! I saw a Green Malachite on the website!
Olivia R said…
Just leaving a comment for another giveaway not entering

There is butterfly world here in Coconut Creek, FL...i wqs not aware that more than one existed. I have never been there, and probably wont go because I dont like butterflies. Yeah, not a fan of bugs, and they fall into the "bug"
category for me. I dont like them because they can just fly and land on you.

It looks like a wonderful place for those that like bugs and butterflies though.
I saw the Blue Mountain Swallow Tail! Its been almost 2 years since we's a bit pricey! Would love to win free tickets! Thanks!

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