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30th Anniversary in Branson with Level 8

Hey neighbors!

How many of you have heard of Level 8 and their super, fantastic laptop, iPad, cases and backpacks?  I LOVE them.  And I received a really nice Laptop bag from Level 8 right before we left on our trip!  It is perfect for trips and takes up so much less room than my old laptop bag that was the backpack style.  Now, Level 8 is designed for Apple products, but I am going to let you in on a holds my laptop just fine!  It is made so well, I love the Precise Protection:three dimensional EVA foam.  It hugs my computer safely in place and protects it from life's little bumps while traveling.  The 15" Double Compartment Slimcase is for 13" and 15" Macs.

Sitting on the desk!

Protection for your Apple or laptop.

Inside the main compartment is divided into 2 sections.  One for your laptop or Mac, the other for your extra papers, newspaper, notebook, etc.  There is also a smaller zippered pocket on the outside front.  You could carry your cord here or other small supplies like pen, cell phone, etc.  Really nice!  It was perfect for our trip to Branson, because I didn't intend to be on the computer much and I didn't have product to bring with me for reviews.

Protective padding in pocket.

Do any of my neighbors need a new laptop case?  Maybe you know someone who does.  You can purchase the case for $59.99 right now on the Level 8 website.   Normally it is $69.99, so order now since I don't know how long that special will be available.

Looks great!

1. InspirationConceived for the Apple consumer and engineered to complement the beauty of Apple5. OrganizationIntelligently placed pockets with intuitive ergonomics
2. ExclusivityAvailable only at Apple stores and Apple.com6. DurabilityPremium materials and intricate manufacturing process yield cases with outstanding resilience
3. ProtectionPrecise Protection System secures the device from all sides while maintaining a sleek design7. ValueFlawless integration of protection, beauty, organization, and durability combined with an affordable price results in an exceptional value
4. BeautyRefined, contemporary lines complement the elegance of Apple technology8. WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty ensures worry free usage throughout the life of the case

The handles are comfortable and don't cut into your hand while carrying the case.  The shoulder strap is also padded for comfort and doesn't cut into my neck like some straps do.  The case has a scratch guard to protect your computer from scratches from the zipper.  And for those who fly, it is checkpoint friendly!  Does it get any better?
Shoulder Strap.

Our hotel desk, where I worked.
Yes!  One neighbor will receive the same style Level 8 Slimcase that I received! Wonderful!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this review.  I did receive a Level 8 Slimcase for review purposes.  All quotes in red are from the Level 8 website.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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ShellyH said…
It would be for my adult daughter who is starting her #2 year of college in 5 weeks.
It would be for my son.
Darlene said…
This would be for me and would be great as i have an apple computer
tawndam said…
this would be great for my teen's laptop
Tabathia B said…
My daughter who will be staying on campus
scottsgal said…
this would be for hubby
msboatgal at
tannawings said…
This would be for my husband- he needs one badly.

ellen beck on rafflecopter
Olivia R said…
For my stepdad...i love that out of all the blogs and giveaways i enter , you are the only site that offers giveaways for men!
Kimberly said…
This would be my adult daughters Christmas present
Coolestmommy said…
This would be for my son's bday or Christmas.

coolestmommy2000 at gmail dot com
VJ ~ vantalee said…
This would be a gift for my husband.
Patricia N said…
My son has a laptop now and this would be for him. Thanks for the giveaway!
PMNSL95 at triad dot rr dot com
My brother for Christmas
Julie said…
This would be for myself!
heymissvirginia said…
This would be for my daughter.
(Virginia Rowell)
Nancy said…
If I won, this would be for my daughter.

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com
Benita said…
It would be for a dear friend.

Erika P. said…
I would keep it.
degood said…
This would be for my daughter.
Cristi said…
My husband and I might fight over it, but I'm usually the one using the laptop when we're traveling.
Shelley P said…
This would be for my husband.
wendy wallach said…
i would give this to my daughter for school

madamerkf at aol dot com
Trisha A said…
This would actually be for me. I work from home but like to go to starbucks to work sometimes...this lets me do that.

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