Monday, July 30, 2012

Zane Education

Hey Neighbors!

Here is a really good site for homeschoolers!  It is the Zane Education website.  We have a subscription to the site and it has LOADS of material on there for you to use.  My daughter, who loves history, has enjoyed watching several of the history videos on there.  We will be incorporating more into the school year.

As everyone knows, my youngest daughter LOVES history!  So, not only is this great for school, but she has been watching some videos on her own.  And enjoying it!  I am sure she is going to benefit from Zane Education.

DO you have a visual learner?  I have one and this is perfect!  Please check out their page on Visual Learning, here.  After viewing the videos, there are quizzes for your child to take based on what they have learned.  Zane covers just about every subject you can think of, with 260 curriculum topics.
Library Skills
Religious Studies
Social Sciences

Then there are 23,000 curriculum based questions used throughout the quizzes.  You can use all the quizzes with a free Basic Membership, but honestly the videos are a big benefit, and well worth the investment required for a full membership.  Zane can be used by homeschoolers, students with special needs, or to help your child strengthen their knowledge in a subject.

For the Christian Homeschoolers, I suggest you view some of the videos ahead of time as Zane does include evolution.  Which we personally disagree with.  Most of my children are old enough to catch things like that and bring it to my attention.  The videos themselves are pretty basic, but do include the monologue under the video, so children can read along.  This can help a student who is not advanced in reading. If you are looking for something exciting and flashy, Zane is not for you.  I did have a hard time enlarging the video.  Apparently they can only be watched in the one size.

For just $8.99 a month you can add Zane Education to your curriculum lineup.  Be sure to visit their site to learn about the different pricing options. Use is as the framework for your classes, or use it as fill-in.  No matter how you use Zane Education, it will fit in to most homeschools.  As I stated earlier, I will be using Zane more this year with my other children too!

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Disclaimer:  As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are mine.

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