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Temporal Artery Thermometer

Good day Neighbors!

Well, Our AC is fixed and I am so glad!  We are not supposed to see any major change in the temperature soon.  And speaking of temperatures, I have a really handy product to have around the home.  It is an Exergen, Temporal Artery Thermometer.  Just what every mom needs for taking a child's temperature.

Remember how hard it is to have a fussy child, who does not feel well, and you need to take their temperature.  No mother wants to cause her sick child more distress by making them hold a thermometer, under their arm, under their tongue, or to take their temperature rectally.  So, here I have the perfect solution!  The Temporal Artery Thermometer, takes an accurate reading of your child's temperature in just two seconds simply by running it across the temporal artery that runs across the forehead.  Quick, simple, and no discomfort.  A red LED light and a quiet beep will let you know that you received a correct temperature reading.This makes it possible to take a sleeping child's temperature without waking them.

Why a Temporal Scan rather than an ear thermometer:
A major reason ear thermometers are considered inaccurate by medical professionals is because the positioning of the probe in the ear canal is inconsistent, thus creating inconsistent readings and frequently missing fevers. The temporal artery thermometer scans the forehead area for the temporal artery and it is almost impossible to miss the artery during a scan. Also, the person whose temperature is being taken does not like something inserted in their ear, making good positioning even more difficult. The gentle scan across the forehead is comfortable and not objectionable. The TemporalScanner has been proven more accurate than ear thermometers by a Harvard Medical School study.*

I am sure some of my neighbors will be interested in a Temporal Artery Thermometer.  You should be able to find one at a local retailer like; Walmart, Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc.  And one neighbor will receive one in this giveaway!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive one Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer.  All quotes in red are from the company website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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I use a standard thermometer that you hold under your tongue.
Momma Told Me said…
We use a temporal scanner or digital
ShellyH said…
We currently use a digital ear thermometer
rubynreba said…
We have an old one that you hold under your tongue.
Laura Jacobson said…
we currently have just the older ones where you push the button and put it under the arm or in the mouth.
landfjacobson @
Sandy VanHoey said…
a standard cheap oral thermometer we have right now
bettycd said…
we are on our second digital ear thermometer
Colleen Maurina said…
I just have the simple digital thermometer.

colljerr at comcast dot net
andrea v said…
We usena temporal one
Anne N. said…
I currently use an armpit one.
Literary Winner said…
I use the cheapie drugstore digital ones. We have one for rectal use and one for oral - both clearly marked! ;)

maggie at literary winner dot com
Unknown said…
A cheap digital one
Julie said…
We actually don't have a thermometer at home!
MamaStace said…
We use an ear thermometer

bigdisneyfan said…
I use an ear thermometer on my 2 kids right now. This temporal one would be very useful to me.
cman said…
Ear thermometer.
Allykatt said…
We use a digital thermometer that we put under the tongue or in armpit.

Missy L said…
I use an Ear Thermometer mostly

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