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It's PAWsible! Dog Training

Hello Neighbors!

Here is a program needed by many people.  It is called "It's PAWsible!"  dog training program.  They actually own a dog training center and day camp.  They are based in Massachusetts and have been in the dog training business since 1996.   What a great addition to our Pets on Parade Event!

Ooops!  This one is too young for this!
Now, I think she could use some help!
A little about Beth:

Nationally Certified--Professional Dog Trainer, CPDT, KA
State of Ct-- Certified Professional Dog Trainer (since 1994)
Member --Association of Pet Dog Trainers (since 1999)

The Founder and President of It's PAWSible! Dog Training Center and Day Camp.  I have been involved in dog training since 1993. I specialize in training groups of people with puppies or adult dogs. My clients are looking to build a special bond with their best friend. I also do one -on-one consultations with people and their dogs who are having trouble with aggression, fear, separation anxiety or other behavior problems. My passion is helping people train their "shelter" dogs who were adopted from shelters or other homes where they were neglected or abused. I am an advocate of rescuing animals and did my own Greyhound rescue for several years.

You can read more here.

Training Style:
At It’s PAWSible! we use a method called Lure-reward. It is a method that I’ve been using for 17 years and it works really well. All of the instructors have been trained by me so we are all very consistent. The basic idea is to teach behaviors using a lure (treat). This then becomes a hand signal and the treat is “faded”. The treat then becomes a reward and over time you reward randomly depending on what exercise you are doing. Some rewards can be faded quicker than others. I reward the recall “coming when called” for a long time, if not forever! This skill is the most needed and sometimes most difficult one for your dog to do so why not make it worth your dog’s while! 

Now, we have started using the It's PAWsible! DVD training with our dogs.  I say started because we had company for awhile and we had major construction going on in our backyard.  Trying to work training in without distractions was a little difficult.  So, we are basically just beginning with our dogs, although we have watched the DVD.  This is a very easy to use program, and I appreciate that not only do they instruct, but you can actually see each step demonstrated.  It's PAWsible! is a five week training course, but of course because you are setting the pace you can obviously take longer if needed.  I know it will take longer with our one dog, not because she is hard to train, she is just so hyper excited!

Each week's training is laid out in an easy to follow format.  And at the end of each week's lesson there are extra topics for you to learn more.  For example the first week is:
Control Position
Your Dog's Name
Attention Exercises
Sit in Front
Heel Position
The extra topics that week are:
More about treats in dog training.
Is your dog allowed on the furniture?

The complete run time of the entire DVD is approx. 2 hrs. 54 minutes.  So, for the price of $19.95, you get 5 weeks of training.  Not bad!  And you can go back over and over again.  If you get stuck, back up the DVD and start over.

Another thing I liked about this DVD is, they used different dogs.  How often do you see a program where you know the dog they are using is already trained and it looks so simple, but when you try it on your own dog, it is not simple.  Not only do they use different breeds and different size dogs, but they actually borrowed some shelter dogs to produce their training class.

Another great benefit is these are not just people who made a DVD about dog training, they are putting their training into practice on a regular basis.  Be sure to check out their website and see all they have available.  Perhaps if you live in their area you could actually take a course at their center.  On the It's PAWsible! website there are also some great articles available for you to read on different aspects of training.

Neighbors, be sure to check out their Facebook and Twitter pages!

One neighbor will receive their own copy of It's PAWsible!  Hurry up and enter!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive the It's PAWsible! dog training DVD. All quotes in red are taken from the It's PAWsible! website.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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Julie said…
One of the training problems we've had is training Dumpling to walk on a leash properly. We adopted him in January, when he was about a year and a half. We have had problems walking him on a leash ever since we got him! Specifically, he runs towards other dogs whenever he sees one, which is certainly a challenge because we live in NYC!

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