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Sleepypod Pet Bed, Carrier, Car Seat!

Hey Neighbors!

I just have to share this item with you! Another featured product for Pets on Parade!  I LOVE it!  It is called Sleepypod ($179.99) and is designed to be a pet bed, carrier, and car seat all in one.  The top is removable, with a very sturdy zipper, so you can use it first of all as a bed for your pet.  And let me tell you the liner, also removable, is super soft!  We took a couple of pictures with one of the puppies in it.  We also had the cat get in as this is hers, but because we have two teenage boys visiting she wasn't very happy to come out of her hiding place right now.  It always takes her a couple of days to settle in with company.  The Sleepypod is very well made and sturdy.

To use as a carrier, just zip the well-ventilated top on and make sure your shoulder strap is attached.  Place your pet inside and zip shut.  You are ready to go!  The Sleepypod will hold a small dog (up to 12.5 lb) or a cat (up to 15 lb).  This is so easy to use.  The clips that attach the shoulder strap are also sturdy.  To use as a car seat just place the carrier in your vehicle and use the seat belt to strap it in.

The bed base is made of luggage grade ballistic nylon and has a machine washable liner.  The Sleepypod base is padded so your pet can travel comfortably.  Another great feature is, there are accessories for the Sleepypod, like a warmer you can place under the liner, to keep your pet warm in cooler weather.  For hot weather they have a mesh liner you can replace the plush liner with for more comfort.  They also have a Critter Kit available where you can transport a ferret, guinea pig or chinchilla, etc.  that is designed to be used with the Sleepypod Mini. It has a mesh hammock and a litter tray!

I want you to be sure and check out their page that describes the safety test they ran on the Sleepypod.  I am impressed!

About Sleepypod:
 Your pet deserves the best and we at Sleepypod aim to provide the most secure and comfortable products for pets at home and on the go. Every product from Sleepypod has been thoroughly tested and approved by our own experts in the field: RawlRawl, Dee-Dee, Stevens and Oni. We hope you and your companions will enjoy living with Sleepypod as much as we do.

How was Sleepypod started:

In 2004, Melony Lee was looking for a way to travel with her first kitten, Bengal Rawl Rawl, but was disappointed by the existing products offered in the market. Inspired by a commitment to her pet and a passion for design, Melony and fellow Art Center College of Design graduate, Michael Leung, focused on researching and developing an ideal carrier prototype for Rawl Rawl to test. The result was better than expected. Rawl Rawl adapted to the flexible travel environment with ease and enthusiasm.
Yet as enthusiastic as Rawl Rawl was about her new environment, wherever she traveled in it, pet owners were evenmore enthusiastic to see this new invention. This unexpected reaction prompted Michael and Melony to make it a commercial product. Setting on a course to “perfect the design,” the partners went through more than a dozen revisions before finally achieving a product to
their high standards for design and functionality. When the design was almost finalized after a year and a half, the two decided to join forces with another Art Center College of Design graduate, Greg Mote. The threesome formalized their partnership by forming a company called Meowme in 2005 and naming its new invention “Sleepypod.” Meowme officially changed its company name to Sleepypod in September 2008.

If you are interested in purchasing a Sleepypod or any of the accessories visit the Sleepypod website.  You will be glad you did!  You can also find them on Twitter @sleepypod and Facebook Sleepypod.

I wish they made these larger for dogs like our Shelties!  These are Great!  One neighbor will receive their very own Sleepypod, same style and size, winner can choose color.  Keep coming back for more of the Pets on Parade Event!

Features and Specifications:

• Removable mesh dome reveals an everyday pet bed or pet bed away from home
• Seatbelt straps allow Sleepypod to be safely secured in a car seat
• Secure and durable mesh dome
• Easy access from the dome top or when the dome is removed to reveal the bed
• Removable, Ultra Plush bedding is machine-washable
• Easy clean exterior is made of luggage-grade, ballistic nylon
• Adjustable shoulder straps with comfort padding
• Carry handle
• Ergonomic zipper pulls
• A pocket below Sleepypod’s bedding can hold a separately sold electrical Warmer Pad to help keep a pet extra cozy
(see accessories)
• Air mesh hammock bedding, sold separately, can be used in place of the standard Ultra Plush bedding to help keep a
pet cooler in warmer environments (see accessories)
• Carrier (bed + dome) dimensions: 17 (diameter) and 13.5 (tall) inches
• Carrier weight: 4.5 pounds
• Interior (bed + dome) dimensions: 15 (diameter) x 11.5 (tall) inches
• Bed dimensions: 17 (diameter) x 6.5 (tall) inches
• Bed weight: 3 pounds
• Recommended for pets 15 pounds or less
• Available colors: Jet Black, Chocolate Brown, Strawberry Red, Arctic White, Sky Blue, and Blossom Pink

Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this review.  I did receive one Sleepypod for review purposes.  All quotes in red are from the Sleepypod website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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Olivia R said…
I like that it is so diverse in uses and you can pick from various colors
tawndam said…
I like being able to belt it in the car... & I LOVE the pink ribbon supports breast cancer research and awareness!
jerseygirl137 said…
Wow, what a neat idea. I love that it is a pet bed that you can zip and transport them in. I also like that you can purchase replacement liners to suit your pet's particular needs.
Timshaun said…
Love, love, love the machine washable liner
Shaunda.Eppes at gmail dot com
Sandy VanHoey said…
I like that it can be their own personal home and also use to travel with for comfort
Kimberly said…
I like that serves more than on purpose. I like that it's a cozy bed and a carrier
Brandi Elam said…
I like that it serves so many purposes. My kids wold love to have this for their kittens.
Darlene said…
I like that Each of Sleepypod's pet carriers passed the 30 m.p.h. frontal crash-test so they are real safe.
tannawings said…
I like how one of the options is a warmer great for cold climates, sick kitties and elderly cats!

tannawings at gmail dot com
(ellen beck on rafflecopter)
tannawings said…
I am a subscriber but there isnt a box to tell you my email is different than the facebook one showing.... I susbscribe with a yahoo email addy and have for years :)
rubynreba said…
I like how secure it is. Would feel safe using it for my cats.
Marisa said…
I love that it can be seat-belted in to the car for extra safety and that the liner is machine washable. And it's cute!
Brittany said…
I love that the liner is washable!
Anonymous said…
OMG soooo cool!Lovin the seat belt addition! Always wanna protecr my babies :)
AnnaZed said…
I like that each Sleepypod pet carrier passed the 30 m.p.h. frontal crash-test.

The Rafflecopter calls me 'Margot' since it is accessing my facebook where I am 'Margot Core'; the Rafflecopter connects to this email: annazed10 (at) yahoo (dot) com
Miranda Ward said…
Sleepypod's pet carriers passed the 30 m.p.h. frontal crash-test
I think my Gretel would really like sleeping in that. She is only 10 lbs. She definitely appreciated it at BlogPaws this weekend!
Katie said…
I love that they passed the crash test! And that pink is hot!
Anne N. said…
I like it is machine washable.
Like the shape and colors and that it can be washed.
Patty White said…
I love the machine washable liner!
Emily W said…
I love that it has a washable liner, that it doubles as a bed and car seat, and that it's so gosh darn adorable! This is going on my wish list for sure!
Unknown said…
My first instinct was do you CLEAN this thing with wet pets or possible accidents? (we have a tiny Yorkie who gets VERY nervous in the car). But then reading the specs and seeing it has a removable washable liner, that is the feature that sold me most!

thanks much!
ejrichter60 at gmail dot com
Sherrie C. said…
I love that the Sleepypod can be used as a bed and strapped in as a car seat for traveling.

Sherrie C. said…
Following on GFC as Shay
cman said…
You can belt it in.
Julie said…
I like that it is machine washable!
lmurley2000 said…
mahine washable bedding

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