Monday, June 11, 2012

Reading Our Pansy Books!

Hi neighbors,

With school out, sort of, we homeschool year round, we are starting to read more. our family I guess I should say we are reading more together! Anyway, enough of technicalities.  Pansy is the pen name of my absolutely favorite author!  Her name is actually Isabella Alden.  Her books were written around the late 1800's, early 1900's.  All of her books have a strong Christian theme.

I found her books quite by accident browsing paperback books at a local library over 15 years ago.  One of the book companies re-released her books because her niece was a well-known Christian author.  I had read some of her nieces books and thought, why not give it a try.  The book was Called "Tip Lewis and His Lamp".  It is about a young boy who is a bit rough, who is given a Bible.  It follows through his life and shows how he comes to know the Lord as his Saviour and the changes it makes in his life.  This is a great book for young boys and girls alike.  After reading this one I diligently searched to find others.  That company had re-printed approx. 15 of her books.  Imagine my surprise when I found an old hardback of her's from the late 1800's on eBay.  I now own over 50 of her older hardback books, several first printings.

Since that time all of my children have read different Pansy books and each one has their own favorite.  She has several books designed for younger children, probably ages 7 and up and then others are more for 12 and up.  And of course many will be enjoyed by adults.  Through Pansy we learned of Chautauqua, New York where they had a Christian gathering every summer!  We were able to visit there once when we passed through.  It has obviously changed quite a bit, but we still enjoyed walking through where Christians years ago used to gather.

I also read one of her books called "Clean Hands".  In this story a young lady is challenged by her pastor to keep her hands clean when she travels out of town to attend a relatives wedding.  Not quite understanding what he means, he offers her a book that talks about what we handle, how we use our hands, and a few other examples (I don't want to give it all away).  The book she is given was written by France Havergal and it is called Kept for the Master's Use.  She wrote many hymns, one of them being Take My Life.  Anyway, I was so excited about reading the book, that I told my husband I would love to find that book.  Imagine my surprise when he returned from a yard sale with a box of books a few weeks later and there it was in the bottom of the box.  He paid all of 10 cents for it.

Now, to get to my point.  We LOVE to read these books together.  Perfect for that family evening where you sit around and everyone who can read takes a turn reading.  We have used her books on trips, vacations, family night at home and we have even assigned some of them for reading.  I think it is time to start another one together.  Hmmmmm, now the tough choice is deciding which one!

Mrs. Solomon Smith
Ester Ried
Julia Ried
The Kings Daughter
Three People
The Browning Boys
Her Mother's Bible
Chrissy's Endeavor
Man of the House
Miss Dee Dunmore Bryant
Modern Prophets
Household Puzzles
Links in Rebeccas Life
Twenty Minutes Late
Doris Farrand's Vocation
The Randolphs
Ester Ried Yet Speaking
Miss Priscilla Hunter
What They Couldn't
Little Fisher's and Their Nets
Her Associate Members
The Pocket Measure
An Endless Chain
From Different Standpoints
The New Graft
Agatha's Unknown Way
Hedge Fence
Yesterday Framed in Today
Four Girls at Chautauqua
The Chautauqua Girls At home
Ruth Erskine's Crosses
Stephen Mitchells Journey
Mag and Margaret
Aunt Hannah, Martha and John
John Remington Martyr
Tony Keating's Surprise
Lost on the Trail
Making Fate
Jessie Wells

If you would like more information on these books feel free to email me.  I also know of one company that still re-prints these books!  Be sure to click the button below to read other posts regarding Summer Reading!



Mazzou said...

Hello! I was pleased to find your blog and see that you too love Isabella Alden's books!
I also wanted your advice, if you have a moment, on the following Pansy titles. I am considering purchasing them soon... Are there any that are as good as our favorites which are An Endless Chain, Wise and Otherwise, Jessie Wells, Julia Ried, Aunt Hannah Martha and John....?
The Sunset Gate
The Hall in the Grove
As in a Mirror
Side by Side
Yesterday Framed in Today

Thanks so much! I will visit again to see what your answer is!

At the Fence said...

Oh yes! There are many that we really LOVE! What age range are you looking for? Boys? Or girls?
Ester Reid, Julia Reid, The King's Daughter, The Browning Boys, Man of the House, Chrissy's Endeavor, Little Fishers and Their Nets. So glad you like her books!

Mazzou said...

Thank you for replying! Usually it is we girls who read Isabella Alden's books. That age range is from 10-25! :) We also love Ester Reid, Julia Reid, The King's Daughter, and Chrissy's Endeavor. We don't have the others! I will have to keep my eyes open for them. Our 12 year old brother also enjoys reading them.
Thanks again!