Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hi Neighbors.

It has been very very Hot around here lately, but we still went to the State Park yesterday to do kickball! The kids play and I watch!  We took Webster (our Sheltie) with us.  I sat at a nearby picnic table and took some pictures.  They turned out great!  I love using my digital camera.  I have been looking at the ''Sony Digital Camera Batteries'' and they look like they would work very good with my Sony Digital Camera.  I found some great batteries at ' and I thought my neighbors might want to check the site out .  The kids have been wanting to get in a pool because it is so hot out. If they do I think I will try to get some more pictures!  They LOVE when I share them with friends!  Especially the times I catch them doing something silly.  My 11 year old poses, but the others are sort of camera shy now.  I am looking forward to some great pictures this summer.
See you At the Fence.

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