Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Employment Attorneys

Good Day Neighbors!

I am so excited today.  This week we will actually start getting our front porch back together!  Yeah!  We have been without one for right about 2 weeks now.  I will share that all with you in a later post.  Anyway, what i wanted to discuss here with my neighbors was employment attorneys.  Has anyone aver had to use one?

I didn't even realize that they had employment attorneys.until I heard about employment attorneys in Houston TX.  Yes , we have done plenty of reading on Texas.  We will be going through there again in October and my daughter is excited!  Anyway, I never realized the extent of the need for employment attorneys. they cover everything from wrongful termination to wage and hour disputes, harassment to discrimination.

With both my sons coming of age to join the workforce, I want them to be aware of situations that can occur while you are in the workforce and what options are available to them should they ever experience wrongful termination or harassment. We have actual had 2 friends in the past 6 months have trouble on the job.  One was actually let go due to religious discrimination and the other has been put on leave.  I am amazed by what is allowed to go on because the businesses have so much power behind them and most people don't know the options they have available to fight back.

My husband was actually able to get his position back from going higher up in the company when they told him if he didn't work Sundays that he would loose his job.  He set down when he was hired that he could not work Sundays.  A new manager decided he would try to force him to work Sunday and fire him if he didn't.  Needless to say the supervisor for the region came in and apologized and he went back to work.

Have you ever experienced wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination?  What did you do?  Did you take action or just let it go and look for another job?  Leave a comment here and share with us your experience.

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