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Dr. Bill's Dog First Aid Kit

Hello Neighbors!

Great to see you out At the Fence today!  I know several of my neighbors own dogs, so I thought for our Pets on Parade event you might be interested in learning about Dr. Bill's Dog First Aid Kit.  If we have pets we are sure to have minor cuts, scrapes and abrasions, and although we don't ever want it to happen there could be other injuries as well in the lifetime of a pet.  So, wouldn't it be convenient to have a first aid kit designed just for your dog?  Dr. Bill has done just that!

I received my kit and wanted to take some time to share with you just what is inside this kit.  In the top section:
a roll of medical Adhesive tape 1" x 10 yards
4-single packages of Diphen (Helps to relieve allergic reactions.)
4-3"sterile cotton tipped applicators
4-packets of 2 capsules of Tri-Buffered Aspirin

Inside the lid is a Quick Reference Manual where you can write in all your vet's information.  On the back of the reference manual is a list of dosages for the included medications.

Next you will find in the tray:
1-Bottle of After Cuts and Scrapes (Topical Analgesic and Antiseptic)
4-P.A.W.S. Antimicrobial Hand Wipes
1-small flashlight (penlight)
1-Thumb Forceps 4.5" (Tweezers)
1-Roll of Gauze Wrap Stretchable 3" x 3 yards
1-Bandage Scissors 5.5" Stainless Steel

Then in the bottom:
1-8 oz. Hydrogen Peroxide 3%
1-60cc Syringe
1-1oz Triple Antibiotic Ointment
1-Vetrap 3" x 5 yards
1-Digital Thermometer
4-packets of 1 Non-Adherent Pad 2" x 3"
4-packets of Sterile Gauze Pads 2 in each.
1-Wahl Hair Trimmer with AA Battery, Blade Guard, Trimmer Oil and Brush

All of this contained in a case, with a removable tray.  Easy to use and now all you need to do is store in an easy to locate place.  Personally I have thought os all sorts of uses for this kit.  Traveling, camping, hiking, around the home and even at work if your pet is allowed there.  You can have piece of mind knowing you are prepared for minor emergencies.

About Dr. Bill's Dog First Aid Kit:

Bill Bolton, DVM (a.k.a. Dr. Bill) is a 1975 graduate of WSU school of veterinary medicine. An inventor at heart with a huge compassion for animals and an insatiable desire to build things, Dr. Bill has spent most of his career creating solutions for problems as they relate predominately to the medical field. "When I was 12 years old, I remember telling my mom that if I did not make it into veterinary school that I was going to build dog houses for a living. Well… I ended up graduating from WSU school of veterinary medicine, cum laude, in 1975 and as a result have worn many hats over the years."
The dog first aid kit has been an idea incubating for the past several years but was propelled to the top of his to-do list when his daughter and her three dogs moved to rural north central New Mexico. About Us - Dr. Bill's Dog First Aid KitKeeping her stocked with first aid provisions that were essential and practical became an immediate necessity, especially when one is 40 miles from the nearest veterinary care center. As a result a lot of thought was given to what are the essential items one needs in a dog first aid kit to handle the multitude of minor medical encounters. Some injuries such as minor cuts, scrapes or the beginning of hot spots can be treated at home on a first aid basis and that is the primary intention of this kit. It is important to point out that this first aid kit in no way replaces the need for emergency veterinary care. Should there be any question about the nature or severity of an injury it is always best to contact your veterinarian or local emergency animal hospital for treatment.

The Dr. Bill's Dog First Aid kit can be purchased on his website for $89.95 plus shipping.  You will also find quite a bit of helpful information on wound treatment and extras under the  "How To" tab.  Just consider the benefits of having one of Dr. Bill's Dog First Aid kits in your home or vehicle.  Having the kit handy will enable you to quickly remove ticks, shave the hair around a cut, apply first aid to a small cut or scrape, muzzle your dog if necessary for safety while treating him/her, etc.  I know there have been times when I have had to hunt through our own supplies to find something that would work on a pet.

And for every purchase of a Dr. Bill's Dog First Aid kit, $2 will be donated to the Best Friends Animal Society.  You can find out more about that here.
These two are hysterical!

Shadow poses!

So neighbors, if you are in need of a first aid kit for your dog, be sure to visit Dr. Bill's website and let him know you heard about him here At the Fence during our Pets on Parade Event!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive a Dr. Bill's Dog First Aid kit for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the Dr. Bill website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.


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