Friday, June 29, 2012

Kool Collar

Hi Neighbors!

How has your weather been lately?  We have been extremely hot several days in a row now.  Now, our dogs are definitely feeling the heat.  What a great time to try out a Kool Collar in our Pets on Parade Event.  A Kool Collar can be used both inside and out.  For outside use, you fill the Kool Collar with ice cubes.  As they melt and drip down your dog, they cause evaporation and this helps to cool your dog.  Now of course inside you don't want water dripping off your dogs so Kool Collar has a KoolTube freezer tube that can be frozen and inserted in the Kool Collar.

The Kool Collar comes in 3 sizes, small, medium and large.  And it also comes in three colors, red, blue and black.  If needed you can purchase extra KoolTubes.  This would be great on days like today, because as soon as one melted you could replace it with a frozen one.

Handwash your Kool Collar in cold water and line or drip dry.  Do not dry clean or place in a dryer.  The Kool Collar is not to be used for restraint or with a leash.  Use a separate collar for this purpose.  The KoolTubes are filled with a non-toxic, non-staining liquid and will not harm your dog if punctured.  Obviously do not allow your dog to chew or swallow the KoolTube.

The Kool Collars range in price from $16-$18, with the KoolTubes running $6-$8 for three.  You can purchase these right on the Kool Collar website.  You can also find Kool Collar on Facebook!

Now with our AC acting up she will be wearing it inside today!  Repairman on his way out soon!

The winner of this giveaway will receive their choice of a small or medium Kool Collar in either Red or Black.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive a Kool Collar for review purposes.  All quotes in red are from the company website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.

Homeschool Spanish Academy Works!

Hi Neighbors!

As you all know I recently became part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  As part of this crew, I receive many different types of homeschool curriculum to share here with my neighbors At the Fence!  I am so excited to be a part of this crew!  So throughout the next few months you will be seeing many reviews for curriculum that you can both use at home for homeschooling or as refresher courses.

First up is one we have really enjoyed!  It is called Homeschool Spanish Academy.  One reason we enjoyed this one is because a church we visit in Chicago has quite a few Spanish speaking families, and although many speak English several of them are more comfortable speaking Spanish.  I chose my two sons to take advantage of this class.  It is an online, live, video class.  You actually see and hear the teacher and are able to ask questions as you go along.  Not only is it great having an online teacher, but she is actually from and lives in a Spanish speaking country.  The boys enjoyed this!  Sometimes they were able to explain English uses of words with her.

One very important thing to do before you sign up is to run the test on their site to see if your computer is "up to speed".  And you can take advantage of their free trial. You will need a webcam, microphone and head set for this class, along with a Skype account.  Approximately one hour before our first lesson we were contacted by someone to be sure our computer connection met the requirements. Shortly before the time set for their lesson we pulled up our Skype, hooked in the headsets and microphone and waited.  As scheduled, we received a video call.  After greeting both boys, their teacher asked them some questions to find out just where they were as far as knowing Spanish.  Since neither one has taken Spanish previously she began with the alphabet.

Pricing for the course is very reasonable.  Remember, you receive one on one through Skype.  There is a discount for two students close in age taking the Spanish course together.  Below is the pricing for the High School Level, but the do also teach Early Learning (starting at 5 years old), Middle School, High School and Adults.  You can find the other pricing by visiting their site.

Both my sons were able to participate in the Spanish classes.  We opted for one class a week.  You get to choose a teacher and a time.  All of our classes were in the afternoon.  After each class the boys received a lesson to study, along with homework papers that they had to complete and return before their next class. You can do the classes minus the video, but it does make it more difficult.  We only had to do this once during a class and we never figured out the cause.  Both boys have improved just in the 6 weeks we have been taking this course.  Next week they have a quiz to see what they have actually learned.   I am sure they will be spending plenty of time this week studying.

This is definitely worth looking into if you have a student who will be taking Spanish.  we here At the Fence want to recommend Homeschool Spanish Academy to our neighbors.

To see other reviews of the Homeschool Spanish Academy, click on the banner below.


Disclosure: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are mine. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Do You Suffer From Back Pain?

Hey neighbors!

Do any of you suffer from back pain?  I have, and believe me when I say it is not something I ever want to experience again!  One really bad thing was I was not at home.  What started out as some back discomfort, quickly escalated to Severe back pain and an emergency room visit.  One of the ladies we know in Chicago suggested visiting her chiropractor.

So, we loaded up and took a 45 minute trip only to have him tell us he would not consider doing anything to my back.  He explained that what I was describing sounded more like a disc problem and that by adjusting my back at all he could actually do more damage.  He recommended the local emergency room.  So, we took off again.

At the ER they did x-rays and gave me some morphine for pain.  It didn't even touch it.  The next day I was still in so much pain that we visited another ER.  Now, I could barely walk.  I had pain in the lower right side of my back, that shot all the way down the back of my leg to my heel, where it then shot across the top of my foot.  I had to have help getting up and down.

First stop in the ER after vitals were taken was a trip for an MRI.  It was great trying to climb from the bed to the MRI table!  After the MRI was done I was taken back to the ER for a very long wait.  Well, that is when I found out I had a swollen disc.  They wanted to keep me and were considering steroid shots in the back.  While they discussed doing this, they found out through blood work that I was diabetic.  Well, you can't do steroid shots because they raise your glucose level.  they kept me for 5 days and gave me muscle relaxers, pain medication and diabetes meds.  They suggested I work on getting the diabetes under control and then consider steroids.

Well, that is not how I work.  I immediately began dieting.  Counting carbs, reducing any sugar intake, and slowly began walking on a treadmill.  Within one month, through diet and exercise I was able to stop all medications.  I still count carbs and watch my blood sugar.  I also am continuing exercise on a treadmill and I will be starting work with weights. It is hard to do when we travel, so I have had some ups and downs, but I am determined to stay off medications and to lose weight.

Another thing that truly helps is sleeping in a Tempur-pedic bed.  I also use a neck pillow when we travel as it helps to keep my neck straight, which of course helps my back.  Anything to help keep me from experiencing that type of pain again.

Have any of my neighbors here At the Fence experienced back pain?  What did you do?  Leave a comment.

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post for Healthy Back, however, all thoughts and
opinions are my own.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Litter Pearls Micro Crystals

Hello Neighbors!

How is everyone?  We have another great addition to our Pets on Parade Event At the Fence!  The Litter Pearls Micro Crystals! This product is from Ultra Pet

This Cat Litter doesn't clump!  It is made of silica gel that absorbs the moisture and traps bacteria inside the crystals.  A 7lb. Bag of Litter Pearls Micro Crystals should last for two months (for one cat).  All it needs is proper daily maintenance which is ... removing the feces and stirring through the contents in the litter box especially on the bottom (this lets the crystals to release a moisture so that they can be used over and over).  Be sure to read their page about silica gel and why it works.

You can also check out their Facebook and Twitter.

When my eleven year old daughter started to open this she said "Hey, this looks like Cotton Candy!".  She thinks it is hilarious!  It is pale blue in color and is completely unscented, no chemicals added.  I personally have been impressed because sometimes when "someone" forgets to clean the litter box daily, it begins to have an odor.  I have not noticed this at all with the Litter Pearls Micro Crystals.  I also like that it is 99% dust free.  Several of us have allergy problems and dust seems to affect us.  No one is allergic to pets though!

They also have a rewards program.  Start collecting the UPC labels from the bottom of the bags and once you have 6 labels you are set to go.  Print off the Rewards Club form and send them in.  You will receive a coupon for one free bag of litter.

You can also enter the Ultra Pet, Pet of the Month Contest.  You can send in a picture of your cat and each month a winner is chosen to receive a prize.  Right now you can win a free year supply of Ultra Pearls or Litter Pearls.

The winner of this giveaway will receive a 6-month supply of litter for one cat from Ultra Pet.  Hurry up and enter!

New Door, New Look!

Hey neighbors!

I am so excited!  Our back deck is almost completed.  It actually has several levels and a grill area.  It is wonderful!  And work has started on replacing our front porch.  I will be doing a post to show you the differences.  Next on my list of renovations are the two main doors.  One front and one in the back.  They needed replaced anyway, but now that the new deck and patio are going up They are really looking bad, especially compared to the deck and porch!

Anyway, I have been looking at some different options on doors4home.  I am really beginning to dream!  I found several that I really like.  I definitely want a window in the front door, but not too big.  I have included several here that I thought looked nice.  What do you think of the ones above?  It is an older home so I want to find something that fits in well with the present look.

For the back door I am not quite as concerned that there be glass in it.  I am thinking solid wood, but I am still trying to decide.  Would you go for something with a design or just plain?  I like the designs, but I am not sure if it would look good out back.  Maybe we should just do a plain door.

Hopefully we will be able to replace the doors within the next month or so.  We should be done with the deck and porch within the next week or so and then we can move on.  I will be sure to post some pictures once we decide.  Thanks neighbors for sharing your opinions.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to Make Inexpensive Cat Furniture

Here are some tips on how to make cheap cat furniture. Cat furniture can be
incredibly expensive. Have you seen the price of a scratching post, lately?
$30 for a post on a platform, wrapped in rope!
That’s crazy – especially when you have the tools to build your own out of scraps at home!

Scrap Lumber

Just about anybody has scrap lumber lying around. Well, maybe – but you
can get construction grade lumber for your projects, and not spend as much.
Construction grade lumber has “voids” in it – meaning that two-by-fours will
have knots, and plywood will have gaps where the glue and filler didn’t
spread. It is used at the construction level,  where appearances won’t matter
in the long run. The carpenters will fill the voids with wood putty and paint the
surfaces that show.

This wood is great for cat furniture that you plan to cover with carpet or rope,
  such as scratching or climbing posts. The basic structure of construction
grade lumber will be mostly covered, anyway, so the beauty of the wood
doesn’t matter.

Of course, if you’re building platforms for the cat to sit on, such as window ledge
platforms or climbing shelves around the wall, you may want furniture grade
materials. These are carefully processed woods that have a fine grain. You’ll sand
these to a fine finish and stain them – so the cat can scratch them as he/she jumps from
one to the other.

The construction grade lumber that you paint can be touched up when it gets scratched.
A can of wood putty is very inexpensive, and you can use left-over paint from your house for
any exposed surfaces.

Scrap Carpet

Another vital ingredient for your cat furniture is carpet. Many people have a carpet remnant
lying around their house, left over from when they had their house carpeted.
By using this piece, your cat scratching post or climbing shelves will match your carpet.
Another option is to check with carpet stores. They throw away thousands of discontinued
carpet samples every year.  Many of then will give you the samples. Others will charge
about $2 or $3 each.

Attaching pieces

When you build a scratching post, it’s best to pre-drill the holes. Drill two holes about an inch
apart in the base piece – a 12  or 18 inch flat piece of plywood. The holes should be in the
center of the board. Then, place the 12 to 18 inch long 2x4 over the holes and mark the
placement of the pre-drilled holes with a pencil. Now, this part is important – when you pre-drill
the holes in the 2x4, don’t drill them as deeply as the screws will reach.  You want the last ½ inch, at least,
of the screws to grip the wood on their own, for a tight fit. The screws should be 3 to 4 inches long.
Attach the post to the platform with the screws, and you’re ready to add carpet.

Now, some people want to carpet the platform before they attach the post. That’s ok, but it doesn’t give as tight a fit
with the carpet between the 2 pieces. It’s better to slice the carpet square and slide it around the post,
and cut a gap in the right place. Use carpenter’s glue and a staple gun to attach the carpet to the platform.
Then, measure the post so that you know the dimensions to cut the remaining carpet. Put glue on the back of the carpet and
wrap it around the post. Then, staple it in place with the staple gun. Now, you have a scratching post any cat would love!

For climbing shelves, you cut the shape of shelf you want from the construction grade plywood.
You can use either pre-made shelf brackets, or cut your own – but be sure to use two brackets, so the shelf won’t turn.
Place the shelves at intervals on the wall, close enough together that the cat can jump without endangering himself or your other furnishings.

For a cat bed, It helps if you have a skill saw. You can cut out fancy designs with that. But, if you don’t make a wooden box and
add a homemade cushion to create a cat bed for your feline friend.

Author Bio

Josh is a great lover of writing, enjoys
finding ways to save money and currently works
for Fit and Furnish, leading suppliers of bedroom furniture.

Monday, June 25, 2012

SenseAware, FEDEX Custom Critical and Scott Garchar

Hey neighbors!

I had the privilege of keeping track of Scott Garcher as he traveled across the United States in the Race Across America.  Scott Garchar is part of the Ohio CycleWorks Bike Team who is being sponsored by Fedex Custom critical during the RAAM (Race Across America).  Now, I personally have never heard of this race before, but I have since learned that it is one of the most grueling races in the world.  Starting in Oceanside CA and finishing in Annapolis Maryland, I was able to follow Scott Garcher's race by using SenseAware.

SenseAware is a device that can track your "package" it's entire trip.  It allows you to see exactly where the package is, but it also allows you to monitor, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and light exposure.  I found this totally amazing. This is very important when you are transporting medical supplies.  See below:

Current location—Know where your shipments are in near real-time.
􀁴􀀁 Accurate temperature—Verify the temperature of sensitive shipping
environments, and receive immediate notification if they go out of a
specified range.
􀁴􀀁 Exposure to light—Recognize if your shipments have been opened or
if their contents have been exposed to light.
􀁴􀀁 Relative humidity—Observe moisture levels inside your shipments.
􀁴􀀁 Barometric pressure—Detect changes in the levels of atmospheric
pressure that your sensitive products are exposed to.

I checked in several times and was able to see exactly where Garchar was.  You are able to visit to see pictures and get updates on the race.

The Ohio CycleWorks Team is racing to help raise money for the Akron Children's Hospital.  Here is a little more information:

  • This charity makes for a natural fit for SenseAware® because it allows healthcare providers to monitor critical shipments, the kind that can help save the lives of the very children that Ohio CycleWorks is riding to support.
  • For more information about the Ohio CycleWorks Charities or to donate to their cause, visit their website at

Now, I personally am partial to children's hospitals as we lost a precious little boy to cancer in our home church not long ago, and now another friends child (2 years old) is also battling cancer. If you can, help the Team help children!

Disclosure:“I received compensation from FedEx for covering the use of SenseAware® technology during the 2012 Race Across America. My ideas and opinions relayed in this blog post and any related Twitter discussions are the my own and are not provided by FedEx or its affiliates and subsidiaries.”

Dr. Bill's Dog First Aid Kit

Hello Neighbors!

Great to see you out At the Fence today!  I know several of my neighbors own dogs, so I thought for our Pets on Parade event you might be interested in learning about Dr. Bill's Dog First Aid Kit.  If we have pets we are sure to have minor cuts, scrapes and abrasions, and although we don't ever want it to happen there could be other injuries as well in the lifetime of a pet.  So, wouldn't it be convenient to have a first aid kit designed just for your dog?  Dr. Bill has done just that!

I received my kit and wanted to take some time to share with you just what is inside this kit.  In the top section:
a roll of medical Adhesive tape 1" x 10 yards
4-single packages of Diphen (Helps to relieve allergic reactions.)
4-3"sterile cotton tipped applicators
4-packets of 2 capsules of Tri-Buffered Aspirin

Inside the lid is a Quick Reference Manual where you can write in all your vet's information.  On the back of the reference manual is a list of dosages for the included medications.

Next you will find in the tray:
1-Bottle of After Cuts and Scrapes (Topical Analgesic and Antiseptic)
4-P.A.W.S. Antimicrobial Hand Wipes
1-small flashlight (penlight)
1-Thumb Forceps 4.5" (Tweezers)
1-Roll of Gauze Wrap Stretchable 3" x 3 yards
1-Bandage Scissors 5.5" Stainless Steel

Then in the bottom:
1-8 oz. Hydrogen Peroxide 3%
1-60cc Syringe
1-1oz Triple Antibiotic Ointment
1-Vetrap 3" x 5 yards
1-Digital Thermometer
4-packets of 1 Non-Adherent Pad 2" x 3"
4-packets of Sterile Gauze Pads 2 in each.
1-Wahl Hair Trimmer with AA Battery, Blade Guard, Trimmer Oil and Brush

All of this contained in a case, with a removable tray.  Easy to use and now all you need to do is store in an easy to locate place.  Personally I have thought os all sorts of uses for this kit.  Traveling, camping, hiking, around the home and even at work if your pet is allowed there.  You can have piece of mind knowing you are prepared for minor emergencies.

About Dr. Bill's Dog First Aid Kit:

Bill Bolton, DVM (a.k.a. Dr. Bill) is a 1975 graduate of WSU school of veterinary medicine. An inventor at heart with a huge compassion for animals and an insatiable desire to build things, Dr. Bill has spent most of his career creating solutions for problems as they relate predominately to the medical field. "When I was 12 years old, I remember telling my mom that if I did not make it into veterinary school that I was going to build dog houses for a living. Well… I ended up graduating from WSU school of veterinary medicine, cum laude, in 1975 and as a result have worn many hats over the years."
The dog first aid kit has been an idea incubating for the past several years but was propelled to the top of his to-do list when his daughter and her three dogs moved to rural north central New Mexico. About Us - Dr. Bill's Dog First Aid KitKeeping her stocked with first aid provisions that were essential and practical became an immediate necessity, especially when one is 40 miles from the nearest veterinary care center. As a result a lot of thought was given to what are the essential items one needs in a dog first aid kit to handle the multitude of minor medical encounters. Some injuries such as minor cuts, scrapes or the beginning of hot spots can be treated at home on a first aid basis and that is the primary intention of this kit. It is important to point out that this first aid kit in no way replaces the need for emergency veterinary care. Should there be any question about the nature or severity of an injury it is always best to contact your veterinarian or local emergency animal hospital for treatment.

The Dr. Bill's Dog First Aid kit can be purchased on his website for $89.95 plus shipping.  You will also find quite a bit of helpful information on wound treatment and extras under the  "How To" tab.  Just consider the benefits of having one of Dr. Bill's Dog First Aid kits in your home or vehicle.  Having the kit handy will enable you to quickly remove ticks, shave the hair around a cut, apply first aid to a small cut or scrape, muzzle your dog if necessary for safety while treating him/her, etc.  I know there have been times when I have had to hunt through our own supplies to find something that would work on a pet.

And for every purchase of a Dr. Bill's Dog First Aid kit, $2 will be donated to the Best Friends Animal Society.  You can find out more about that here.
These two are hysterical!

Shadow poses!

So neighbors, if you are in need of a first aid kit for your dog, be sure to visit Dr. Bill's website and let him know you heard about him here At the Fence during our Pets on Parade Event!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive a Dr. Bill's Dog First Aid kit for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the Dr. Bill website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Hey neighbors!

This is obviously not part of the Pets on Parade!  I did tell you though that there would be the occasional post that was not part of the event.  Anyway, have any of you tried the new Dry Idea?  I received the Dry Idea Advanced Dry Roll On.  (Powder Fresh)  The roll-on delivers 24 hour protection, fast drying MicroCotton Formula, Hypo-Allergenic, and contains Vitamin E.  It is available in 3 scents-Powder Fresh, Cotton Dry, and Unscented.  Not only is this available in a roll-on, but you can also purchase Dry Idea Advanced Dry in Clear Gel and Invisible Solid.

So whatever type of antiperspirant/deodorant you are looking for, they have it.  And, Dry Idea has a Sweepstakes going on with $1000 in prizes.  $500 first place and 10 $50 2nd place prizes.  You can sign up by clicking this URl:  And please use the URL as they are keeping track for us!

Now, 3 neighbors will each receive a coupon for a FREE Dry Idea Advanced Dry.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this review.  I did receive a sample of Dry Idea for review purposes.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.

Friday, June 22, 2012

PetSmart Puppy Starter Kit

Hi Neighbors!

PetSmart sent us one of their Puppy Starter Kits for review.  It is filled with really great coupons!  The Puppy Starter Kit is $19.99 and there are vouchers for products and services worth over $130.  Not only that, but when you go to their site and register your new puppy, you will receive more than $100 of additional coupons.  First off there is a coupon for a free bag of specialty puppy food (up to $15).  This will be super useful!  Who doesn't need dog food to start out a new puppy.

Then your newest addition can experience a Puppy Bath, Brush and More at PetSmart (Puppy must be between 8 weeks and 5 months old).  Not only will you have a full puppy, you will have a clean one!  Next up is a Free 1-hour Puppy Orientation Seminar with an accredited trainer.

 Puppy Bath, Brush & More
Puppies up to five months old get a shampoo and massage; hand-brush; blow-dry; nail trimming; ear cleaning; loose hair removal and a bow or bandana.
What about a Session of Doggie Day Camp at a PetSmart PetsHotel?  (This is for new campers only.)  You actually receive 2 of these!  They will receive socialization and exercise, all in a safe environment.

Also included are 2 coupons for $10 off Advantage II and Advantix II, one each.  $3 off any Pawsitively Clean Bissell Stain and Odor Product, a free Kong Ziggies ($1.49), a Free Consultation with a Banfield Veterinarian, $10 off Microchip at Banfield Pet Hospital, and $5 on GNC Pets Puppy Vitamins.  And they include a puppy check list so you can make sure you have everything you need for a new puppy.

What is PetSmart Doggie Day Camp?
Doggie Day Camp is a place where you can bring your dog for hours of play and exercise with other dog friends who have all been screened for group play. Pets play in one of our fully supervised, climate-controlled playrooms and enjoy a healthier, happier day than being home alone.

When you decide to get a new puppy, there are many little things you need.  PetSmart is the perfect place to stop and stock up on supplies.  And while you are at it, be sure to grab one of their Puppy Starter Kits.  This will get you and your puppy off to a good start.  It is well worth the $19.99.  Now I do realize some people won't use all the coupons, but if you use the $15 Puppy Food, the Puppy Bath, and the Consultation with a Banfield Vet, you have definitely made a wise choice.  You can purchase the Puppy Starter Kit online with free shipping.

After signing up you are supposed to receive more coupons by email over the next year.  I have not had time to receive any yet.  I can't wait to see what else they send.  Perhaps I can do an update when they come in.

Are any of my neighbors planning on getting a new puppy soon?  One neighbor will receive a free Puppy Starter Kit from PetSmart.  Do remember that some of the coupons are based on age, so do not buy this expecting to use the coupons on an older dog.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this review.  I did receive a PatSmart Puppy Starter Kit for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the PetSmart website.  All thoughts and opinions are entirely mine.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chateau Looey for Cats!

Hi neighbors!

I hope you all are having a great week and that you are enjoying the Pets on Parade Event!  Next up is a unique product for cats.  It is called "Chateau Looey".  They are really cute covers for your litter box.  And not only can they be used as covers to hide the litter box and contain spillage, but you can also use them as a hideaway for your cat.  Put a soft pad or blanket inside one and your cat now has a bed or somewhere to go just to rest. Best of all, they are not tacky looking.  Each Chateau Looey is designed to look like a home.  You can choose from 6 different styles.  Buy all the same, or mix and match to fit in with your home decor.  They have Bora Bora Tropical Hut, Hacienda, Malibu Beach House, Midtown Brownstone, Pasadena Cottage, and Yellowstone Cabin.

This is the Pasadena Cottage. (Side view.)

Front view, litter box inside.

The Chateau Looey Litter Box Furniture is made of a sturdy cardboard and comes to you flat, in 3 pieces.  Some assembly is required.  It is extremely easy!  It only took a couple of minutes to put it together.  Our cat was using it to hide in because we have company right now.  She hates strangers and hides until she gets used to them.  Having 11 extra people in the house this week has not been easy for her!

3 pieces before assembly.

Chateau Looey is perfect for the cat lover/owner who does not want to spend a fortune on expensive products, and yet wants the litter box area to look neat and clean.  You can actually purchase a couple of the Chateau Looey for different rooms in the house.  This would especially be good if you have more than one cat.  My daughter is hoping!

Hiding inside from company.

From Chateau Looey:

The cat litter houses are made of e-flute corrugated material. Each house is laminated with four color print design and then an aqueous coating is applied to enhance the colors and protect the finish. Because of the durable material, maintenance and cleaning of your kitty litter home is easy. Should you need cleaning of the house due to cat litter odor, simply apply a small amount of Nature’s Miracle spray on the interior of the house. Use a soft dry towel or feather duster to keep the outside of the kitty litter house free of dust and dirt.
Please note that Chateau Looey cat houses are made for inside home use and not for outside of your house.

About Chateau Looey:
The litter box houses are the first products for Chateau Looey. Rhea’s inspiration for producing a line of cat litter homes came from her beloved catWooster. Although litter boxes are a necessity they are also an eyesore so Rhea decided to create a different solution for hiding Wooster’s cat toilet. After surveying the size of plastic and disposable litter pans she sat down with a designer and created a template. When that was completed and the manufacturing challenges were identified her designer did initial compositions for a variety of houses. The assortment was narrowed down to six home designs influenced by different settings and lifestyles ranging from casual, fun beach style to cozy, warm cottage. Check out our available cat litter houses.

I think she likes it!

Personally I think these are great!  You can order them directly through Chateau Looey for $35 each and they are running a special right now if you order a second one at the same time.  Be sure to follow Chateau Looey on Twitter, @ChateauLooey  and "Like" Chateau Looey on Facebook.

Winner of this giveaway will receive one Chateau Looey Cat Litter House. (Company choice)