Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Virginia Beach and Summertime! Love the Moment!

Hello Neighbors!

With summertime fast approaching I am sure many of us are starting to think VACATION!  What kind of plans do you have in mind?  Camping, beach, major attractions?  Does Virginia Beach sound good to you?  Now I have a confession to make here, personally I like to visit places where there are not large crowds, you know, I am one of those people who like to visit during off season.  So of course when it comes to beaches, I am an early morning person.  I "Love the Moment" when I can just sit in the sand and watch the children scurry around collecting shells and other items of interest, while I am their collection drop off.    I also enjoy quiet walks along the shore with my husband, especially at sunset.  And when it comes to building sand castles, ours end up being more like villages.  With all eight of us working, we are soon covering quite a large area.  We have to add roads, and moats along with lakes and such.

There are a couple of things I would enjoy about Virginia Beach other than just the beaches.  I love to wander through old towns.  If you find them as interesting as I do, you might want to consider visiting  Bayside or Little Neck.  Bayside has the Adam Thoroughgood house built in 1680. Wow!  My daughters enjoy the older buildings as much as I do.  My sons of course prefer battlefields, boats and planes.  I especially love when the homes are still decorated in the appropriate time period. 

One other thing I would like to do in Virginia Beach is visit one of the lighthouses.  I have been to a couple of different ones along the coast, but have never had the time to stop at the ones in Virginia Beach.  Our bathroom is done in a lighthouse theme.  The old lighthouses are so interesting and full of history.  You can almost imagine yourself there warning boats of danger.

Are you a shopper?  Virginia Beach is a coastal shopping paradise.  You are bound to spend hours wandering the shops and enjoying the view.  From shopping centers to little boutiques (my personal favorite), Virginia Beach has them all!  

Virginia Beach is full of fun and activities for everyone.  I have a feeling it would take us more than one visit to see all that we would be interested in.  Have any of my neighbors ever vacationed at Virginia Beach?  I would love to know what you did and hear what you recommend to visit. Be sure to "like" the Virginia Beach Facebook page!

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Angie Bailey said...

We went to VB last summer and are going back again this summer. We had lots of fun and loved the lighthouse although it was tough climbing to the top, for me anyway, kids no problem, lol. It's something I'll always remember though.