Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sun Jar A Unique Mother's Day Gift!

Hello Neighbors!

Here is one more item you may want to consider if you are still searching for a Mother's Day gift idea!  It is a Sun Jar!  The Sun Jar looks like an old canning jar, but it is not!  You set your jar out in direct sunlight for several hours to charge, then when it gets dark, your jar will light up and glow.  I sat mine in our window so it could get some direct sunlight, and then that evening when we turned all the lights off, the Sun Jar lit up!  It is really quite pretty. 

I personally love the frosted glass look.  And then when it lights up it is a beautiful golden glow.  Perfect for mom to set in her window, or maybe on a patio.  The sensor, solar panel and battery are right inside the lid.  You can set it to Auto, where the jar will charge and then light up after dark automatically, or if you want to, you can set it to charge and control when it comes on.  I just leave mine on auto and let it cycle through. 

Do any of my neighbors have a mother who would like one of these Sun Jars?  You can find them at Convenient Gadgets for $36.95.  For an extra $3.75 they will even gift wrap it for you.  Take a minute and browse through what they have available!

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