Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SendAFlyingCard! Father's Day Event #2


Hello Neighbors!

How is everyone today?  The weather here has been great!  I found this company that has a great Father's Day Gift Idea!  Instead of sending boring, everyday greeting cards why don't you SendAFlyingCard!

Here is a little bit about how SendAFlyingCard.com was started... "SendaFlyingCard.com is a family owned business headquartered in New York.  It is owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Shawn and Danielle along with their two boys Patrick and Matthew.  It all started one day when Shawn was at a craft store and spotted blank flying discs.  He was curious to see if he could mail it with no box or packaging.  He went to the post office and asked them and they kind of looked at each other with a shrug and said, "sure, I guess you can mail it like that."  So he sent a blank sample to their home address to be sure it arrived intact.  It sure did, it arrived the next day and the official Flying Card was born.  A Flying Card is a replacement for a greeting or birthday card, but so much better as it is a flying greeting card on a plastic disc!!!  Our original Flying Card is a completely customized high quality full-sized plastic disc (approx. 9 1/4 inches round weighing 100 grams) that will be delivered for you in place of a greeting card or invitation, no envelope and no packaging, just the Flying Card.  It is a card and a gift, all in one!!!  You completely customize the Flying Card for your recipient with your own message (unlike a greeting card) and you can even add a picture for free.  Kids and adults love them.  Get them a unique birthday present today."

We customized our FlyingCard with our At the Fence logo.  I think it looks great!  Just imagine what you could do to make yours special for dad!  Add a family photo or a special message.  This is definitely a unique idea!

A Flying Card would make a great Father's Day Gift.  I know my Dad would love one!  Make sure you go check them out!  If you order by June 13 enter the code "FATHERSDAY" for 10% off all Flying Cards!

SendAFlyingCard is going to send one of my Neighbors a Flying Card!  YAY!

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DEBIJOT said...

You can use this instead of a birthday card - send one and then the recipient can use as a frisbee.

Olivia R said...

they can remove shipping label so,it remains private from sender

Anne N. said...

I like it can be sent as a birthday card.

Quantmlife said...

Cindy B (on rc/fb) I love that it can be used as a gift and card all in one. Somewhere I once saw that you could mail a coconut and my friend Erich sends all kinds of strange things just to see if they can be sent. :)

Kristen said...

I like the idea of giving it to someone whose dog loves frisbees...with a photo of the dog on it.