Thursday, May 17, 2012

Razor Burn

Hi neighbors!

How do you treat razor burn?  My husband recently went from a full beard to one just around his mouth.  I am sure there is probably a proper name for this, so if you know please feel free to share the information.

It looks so funny seeing his face like this after he has had a beard for years.  His face is very sensitive right now where the beard used to be.  He actually went out and purchased a new razor.  The first time he shaved the new area he had to be very careful to prevent razor burn. He made sure to use a moisturizing shave cream.  It was so hard to remove the beard growth.  We used scissors first to try and make it a little easier.  I trimmed and then he shaved with a disposable razor.  It was not easy!  Now he uses his new electric razor.  Seems to work well for his needs.

He used to shave only his neck area and then trim the beard a little to keep it neat looking.  Now that he has to shave daily, he uses his electric razor with the foil, just to look neat.  He is seriously considering growing the whole thing back so he doesn't have to deal with it.  Personally I liked it better with the full beard, so I am hoping he will grow it back. 

How often does your husband shave?  Does he use an electric razor?  Why or why not?  This post brought to you by The Art of Shaving.

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