Thursday, May 17, 2012

Looking For Promotion Codes?

Hey neighbors!

Quick question here, before you make a purchase do you shop around to get the best deal?  Do you look for coupons and codes you can use on the product you are purchasing?  We do!  My oldest daughter is our coupon queen.  If there is a coupon or deal on a site, she is the one to see.  She even thinks ahead for me and as I head out the door will say, "Hey mom, I have a coupon for your cheese." or "Will you you be eating out at__________ (fill in the blank with your favorite restaurant)?"  And sure enough she has a coupon or offer that is just perfect!

She also has codes for online shopping.  She is totally amazing when it comes to saving.  Anyway, I said all this to ask if any of my neighbors here At the Fence have ever heard of  I was checking them out today as I just heard of them recently.  They actually have a search engine where you can check out what codes are available for the store or business you will be visiting or ordering from.  Or you can search their directory of store codes which lists the businesses alphabetically.  What I like best is that they verify codes are working, and then when you use a code you can go back and let them know whether the code was a success or not.  If everyone does this, then you will be able to pick and choose codes based on their success.  Nice!  Then if a code is not working for three days, or has a low percentage of working properly, they remove the code. 

They even have travel deals.  So if you are planning your summer vacation you might want to take a minute and visit their site and just see what they have to offer.  Who knows, you might find just what you are looking for!  we are planning our 30th anniversary trip for the end of July.  Yippee!  We are taking a 5 day trip!

You can also go to their site and add codes that you know work.  That way you can help some others find codes they can use.  Another great feature is you can choose to receive emails based on the companies you are interested in.  By signing up for this option you won't have to keep checking back, they will notify you!

Have any of my neighbors ever used this site?  I would be interested in hearing what you think.  Share your opinion in the comments.

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