Thursday, May 10, 2012

Looking for a Place in Houston?

Hey neighbors!

Are any of you looking for an apartment or townhome in the Houston area? Relocating, changing jobs, or just looking for a different place to live?  Try  Their agents can help you find just what you are looking for.  They specialize in modern, high quality properties to match your lifestyle.  Their goal is to provide you with the most detailed information possible.  Most of their agents live right in the neighborhoods they service, so not only can they show you the best locations with the best value, but they can also tell you about the local area you will be leasing in, such as local restaurants and local sites to visit.  A nice benefit!

You can chat online with one of their representatives to get more information regarding their services, which include sales, leasing, and listing properties.  Their services are available to you free of charge.  All you need to do is tell them exactly what you are looking for, price, number of bedrooms, and where you would like to be located.  They will then compile a list for you to consider.  You can go and look by yourself, or one of their agents can go with you.  ULR is actually paid by the properties that are doing the leasing.  You are not charged any extra for using their services.  Just be sure and list them on any guest cards or lease applications and then let your agent know which property you chose to lease from.  Sounds like a great arrangement to me!

So, whether you are seeking to lease or buy, take a minute to visit the Urban Leasing and Realty site to see if they can help you find a place to call home in the Houston area. Whether it is just you or your family ULR can help make the transition easier.

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