Friday, May 25, 2012

Kinivo Wireless Mini Speaker Father's Day Event #9

Hi Neighbors!

I am really excited about this product as a Father's Day gift!  Since we travel quite a bit, we always take our laptops, iPods, etc. with us. My husband likes to share Facebook videos, sermons and such with the family.  The only problem is, with eight of us sometimes the volume is not loud enough.  I hate carrying large speakers on a trip, so the Kinivo Wireless Mini Speaker with Bluetooth is perfect! 

The Kinivo BTX 110 is small.  It fits in the palm of your hand.  You just twist the top to expand and collapse the resonator.  A small drawstring bag is included to carry your speaker.  Perfect to just drop in your purse or even your pocket and head out.  Your controls are on the sides of the speaker.  On/Off,  Volume Control, and even for answering calls.  My husband could use this feature.  The volume on his phone is not the best.

I just used the USB cord to hook the speaker up to my computer to charge it.  There is a small light that is red when charging and turns blue when the battery is fully charged.  Next you need to pair it up to your Bluetooth device.  Turn on your device and turn on the speaker, make sure your iPod, iPhone or other device is switched on.  Once it is paired with your device you can use your speaker as long as you are within 10 meters (33 ft.).  This speaker can also be used with a line in device.  Just press the mode button twice and use the supplied connector.  Perfect!

Kinivo offers innovative consumer electronics products that help customers in their home, at work or when they are on the move. Our products are conceived & designed in USA and manufactured in state of the art factories overseas with strong emphasis on best manufacturing and quality assurance processes.

All Kinivo products are built around actual customer scenarios and offer exceptional quality at affordable prices. We support our products with a 1 year limited hardware warranty.

Kinivo has several products that I personally would LOVE to try out, like the Kinivo BTC8 Bluetooth FM TransmitterSo while searching for that perfect Father's Day gift be sure to check out their website.

One neighbor will receive a Kinivo Wireless Mini Speaker (BTX 110).  Hurry up and enter, Father's Day is coming soon!

Disclaimer:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive a Kinivo Speaker for review purposes.  All thoughts and opinions are entirely mine.

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Unknown said...

How much are they Mrs. Lyman Robert matthew unger (at)yahoo.(com.)

Anonymous said...

Ishould not have said that but i am intirested in that nice kinivo speaker thing it is a neat system i will try but i may not win it is worth the try.Robert matthew unger(at) yahoo.(com.)