Thursday, May 24, 2012 Father's Day Event #7

Hi Neighbors!

Does dad need new glasses?  Well, the ones I received from I used for my daughter.  She seriously needed new glasses.  She hasn't had a recent exam, so we had one done first.  Her left eye has changed enough that new glasses were in order.

She went to the website and looked through the frames for one she liked.  After she had narrowed it down to 3 different frames she showed them to her sister and then me.  We all agreed on one pair.  She did use the Eye Try, where you can try the glasses on a photo and see how they look.  Anyway, we placed the order, be sure you have a recent prescription, and then we just had to wait.  They kept us updated with what was happening through emails.  Finally the big day came and the glasses came in.  They look really good, and she noticed a difference after putting them on.  So glad she had the exam first!

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One neighbor will be receiving a $30 Gift Voucher (Exclusion of designer eyewear and sunglasses.)  You can give dad a gift of new glasses from

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Olivia R said...

urrg no sunglasses, wonder would have to addd your own money too.