Thursday, May 17, 2012

5 Days of Bird Watching - Day 4

Greetings Neighbors

Are you enjoying the posts on Bird Watching?  I hope so!  I am enjoying writing them.  Today we are going to cover taking care of our feeders and bird baths along with a few other things you can use.
One of the Eagles.

So peaceful!
We clean our feeders once a week.  Just to prevent moisture and other build up (like mold) from destroying the seed.  If you noticed in the pictures we have covers over each of the feeders.  This is to protect from rain, and it discourages larger birds from approaching some of the feeders.  It also helps to prevent squirrels from getting to them, but we don't seem to have a problem with that.  We change the Hummer's food out every few days, especially when it is hot.  Or when we find dead bugs inside.  We actually have some large bees that drink from the feeder.  It looks funny.  Last year a large bee scared off the hummer.

Getting ready to eat!
Right outside my window.

The bird bath is  something we clean just about every other day.  Otherwise the water starts to get slimy and eventually turn green.  It also becomes a breeding ground for mosquitos.  Yuck!  We use a scrub brush to clean it thoroughly.  We are considering purchasing a small product called a water wiggler or water bubbler.  It keeps the water moving so it won't stagnate.  The moving water is also supposed to help attract birds.  Maybe that is why they like my fountain!

Taking a bath!
My daughter took these through our front porch railing.

We keep a large, plastic storage container on our front porch where we keep extra suet, the mixture for the hummer feeders, brushes for cleaning the bird bath and feeders, along with a few replacement pieces.  This is also where we store our feeders if we get a bad storm.  We keep the seed in tightly sealed containers.  If you just leave the seed in the bags they come in, you can attract rodents and the seed can spoil easier.  Much safer to keep in containers.

The only other large thing we haven't added to our front yard yet are bird houses.  We are seriously considering this.  This is our second year with the feeders, so we want to expand some more.  I really love some of the designs that look like real houses!  I believe it is better to start out slow and be sure you have the time needed to invest in taking care of the feeders, bird bath, and houses.  It does not take alot of time, but you do need to maintain them.  My children actually enjoy helping with this and of course it teaches responsibility.

Tomorrow we will cover incorporating bird watching into the homeschool.  Thank you to those of you who are following the posts, I really appreciate it.  And remember to check out some of the other posts in the blog hop.  See you tomorrow, At the Fence!


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