Friday, April 27, 2012

Whitney Farms 100% Natural Plant Foods

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As you all know, we have started work on both our vegetable garden and flower garden so of course we have been checking in to different types of plant food.  Whitney Farms® has 100% Natural plant foods.  It has no additives or anything that is artificial.  From the information available on their site, I think I would like to try some on our vegetable garden.  I do get concerned about all the chemicals that are applied to our foods, so this year we planted a little bit larger vegetable garden than last year, and I want it to be as healthy for my family as possible.  

Recently I have been doing some research on chemical plant foods compared to organic plant food.  It is really not surprising how much better organic is than chemical.  All to often we use what is convenient and easy, rather than what is best.  Whitney Farms has over 25 years of leading gardening experiences and have worked on improving their products.  Their products have low to no dust, have no manure odor, are easy to apply, contain beneficial microbes and have specially designed protein-based blends to rpovide your plants with both macro and micronutrients your plants need to grow and thrive.

If any of my neighbors are interested in trying Whitney Farms organic plant food, you can sign up to received a coupon for $3 off a Whitney Farms plant food or organic soil.  So make sure you go sign up!

Organic Plant Food

Be sure to check out Whitney Farms products for your garden this year.


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