Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Water Heater Replacement

Hi neighbors!

For some reason we seem to constantly have plumbing problems.  Over the years (almost 30 years of marriage now), we have had some odd and unusual plumbing problems.  We have experienced everything from replacing toilets, to clogged sinks, water heater replacement, to major water pipe leakage!

We had to replace the water heater in a travel trailer we purchased.  We bought it as a repo in the dead of winter, in of all places, Maine!  They had gone out to the lot where it was located, cut the hoses and repossessed it.  My husband was out looking for a trailer and when he saw this one, they told him it was not for sale yet because they hadn't even cleaned it up.  They told him that when they did, it would probably have a $4,000 price tag.  My husband immediately said, "I will give you $1,000 cash right now and we will clean it."  The salesman laughed and said there was no way the manager would go for it.  My husband pushed enough that he finally went and asked and the manager agreed.  He hooked it up and brought it home.  In -20 degree weather we went out and cleaned it up.  The cleaners were freezing on the counters as we sprayed them.

Well, we managed to clean it up enough to head south with it.  We were visiting some friends and got it all hooked up to water and electric.  Imagine our dismay when water started running out on the floor.  You guessed it!  The water heater needed replaced.  Apparently they did not drain it properly and it froze and then cracked.  We had to replace the water heater and several lines.  A friend in the area was a plumber and was able to do the replacement for us. There was a blessing in replacing it though because we changed it over to electric rather than gas!  It worked great after that and we were able to use the camper on a regular basis.  

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