Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Springtime and Storage Sheds

Hello Neighbors,

We have had some rainy weather around here lately and my children have not been able to play volleyball or any of the other outside games that they normally play.  Thankfully it seems like it is going to be over soon!

Meanwhile, since spring is here, I have been looking at sheds. There are some very interesting sheds available through Arrow Sheds. There are steel sheds and a few other storage sheds in different sizes and with different options.  I personally really like the wood grain look!  I would probably choose one of those storage sheds for our backyard for mowers, lawn chairs, and outdoor game storage.  We are running out of space!  Which one do you think you would choose? There are so many choices that I think it will be hard for me to decide.  Fortunately, that decision will fall on my husband!

We have also considered purchasing one as a play-house but I think right now we need the storage more.  They also carry storage cabinets, but at this point, I think we would just build shelving.  Please comment and tell me what you think.

See you At The Fence.

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