Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ETY Kid's Earphones

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Do your children use an iPod, iPad, or even computer to listen to music or anything else?  Mine listen to music, sermons, lessons for school, etc.  Do you get concerned regarding the sound levels or listening time?  I do.  How many times have you walked past a child with earphones on and you can clearly hear what they are listening to?  With ETY Kid's Earphones you won't have that problem.  ETY says the main reason people, kids included, turn up the volume is to block distracting background noise.

Your child can actually turn the volume to it's highest setting and the ETY earphones will not exceed safe levels.  Your child can listen up to 4 hours safely even at the maximum volume.  And yes, it works!  I tried it! Now your children can enjoy their music, videos, games, etc. and you can know that they are not damaging their hearing.  Thank you ETY!

The ETY Kid's Earphones are designed for ages 4 and up. They come with the ETY Kid's Earphones, an assortment of ACCU fit eartips, a shirt clip and a zippered pouch for easy storing.  The ETY earphones are compatible with iPods, MP3 players, iPad, tablets, DVD players and gaming devices.  They come in two different selections. One is designed for Windows, and the other works with Apple products.  The first is $49, the second is $79.  The earphones for the Apple products has a 3-button control. With this 3-button control you can raise or lower the volume, pause, stop, start, change tracks and there are a couple other options.  You might want to check out their adult earphones too!

Personally, I think these are great!  My daughter was using them and didn't even hear her brothers having a discussion in the same room.  Another nice feature with the ETY Kids3 is there is an App available that you can download called Awareness.  Here is a short description of an Awareness feature:
"AWARENESS! for Etymotic listens to your surroundings while you listen to music.
Any sound louder than normal background noise can be heard in your earphones.
From hearing that truck while its still down the road to hearing when someone asks if you'd like a cup of coffee in the office, or when the phone or doorbell rings at home."

Here is a little about Etymotic:
 Innovation, education and hearing conservation are central to Etymotic’s mission. Etymotic’s products are used by scientists, hearing practitioners, hearing-impaired consumers, professional and amateur musicians, and others who insist on superior sound quality. Audio engineers, audiologists and musicians working together have generated over 100 patents issued and pending. A number of Etymotic’s 60 employees are accomplished musicians. Etymotic Research is located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

Now, you can buy a pair of ETY Kid's Earphones on their website, or perhaps you could win a pair, here At the Fence. "Like" them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to stay up to date!  Be sure to enter! 

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