Monday, April 9, 2012

Diversified Distributing LLC Pringles Can Safe

Hi Neighbors!

Please read this post in it's entirety, it will give you a laugh for the day and inform you about a new product we have found.  I had to share this with you, my neighbors. My daughter placed an order on Amazon, she was ordering some gifts and decided that a Pringles Can Safe would be fun to have.  So... she placed it on her order with a few other items.  Well, as you all know, I work with Pringles occasionally, and...

Looks like Pringles! (Oh right, they use real Pringles cans!)
Most of her items came in during a one week period (they were from different sellers).  During this time period a container of Pringles came in.  I had recently received a press release from the Pringles PR so I had one of my sons place it in the pantry.  A few days later one of the boys asked if he could try the Pringles.  Of course I gave him the go ahead.  He came out and said that they tasted really nasty.  I looked closer at the can and saw it was from the holidays, so I told him to just throw it away.
Even has chips!  Makes it look real!
Meantime, my daughter was still waiting for her safe from Diversified Distributing LLC.  After about 3-4 weeks of waiting, we wrote the company and told them we had never received the item.  They immediately replied and said they would send us out a new one, Priority.  That was fine with me.  They handled it quickly and efficiently.  No hassle, they offered to replace the item.

Well, Friday a package came in addressed to me.  I opened it and was amazed to see another can of Pringles.  As I was wondering why the PR had sent me another can of Pringles, my daughter, who was sitting nearby, quickly asked me who the package was from and the name of the company that was shipping her package.  Oh no!  It was the Pringles Safe.  They actually send it half full of Pringles chips.

But..built in to the bottom is a hidden safe!
Well, I wrote the Diversified Distributing LLC and told them it had arrived.  He emailed right away and said he was glad it was in and hoped the other package would make it's way back to them.

No problem until we sat there thinking about it.  You guessed it!  The first can I threw away was the first safe. Boy, did I feel dumb!  Now I had to write him back and explain how I had thrown the first one in the trash and let him know I would send him payment for the second one.  It was my fault.

He actually , said not to bother with the payment and I told him I wanted to share this with my neighbors.  He gave the go ahead and here it is.  I hope you enjoy reading this and actually you got at least a little laugh over my mistake.

Now, I just want to share here, that this probably wouldn't happen to most people who order this item since I was thrown off because I work with Pringles occasionally, but I do have to say, this shows you how real this safe looks (they use actual Pringles cans).  I never would have known there was a hidden safe in the bottom of the can.  I can definitely recommend the Pringles Can Safe from Diversified Distributing on Amazon.

Diversified Distributing LLC carries many other hidden safes.  If they are all as "hidden as the Pringles Can Safe, they will be great!  So long as you remember which products are real and which ones are hidden safes. Be sure to check out some of their other products as well.  If you find something you like there, leave a comment here and let me know.  My family definitely found other things they like! Like the Survival Kits, Chocolate Fountain (that is necessary for survival, right?), the Storage Containers, and of course the males in my family like the stun guns.  I think I like the pink one!  Here is the actual

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I wrote it because I like the product.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.


BookLover62 said...

LOL sounds exactly like something I would do.
*maybe it's our name*
Boy they have a very eclectic selection. From can safes, to dancing flowers to self defense items. Living in SoFla I like the Disaster kits - they really need to make a Hurricane Survival kit. We don't really need solar sleeping bags and hand warmers for the aftermath of a storm.

BookLover62 said...

Oops hit enter too soon


Darlene said...

I like the idea of shipping items in a pringles can, if someone got it in error they wouldn't attempt to keep it if it was delivered to them by mistake.


Unknown said...

Dropping by from the Blogs Doc of the Coppertone Moms group! I am also a member! What a cute blog and button! Visit me if you have time. Xo!~ Casey C