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Nature's Sleep Slippers

Hello Neighbors! How is everyone today?  It has been really nice here today.  Not to hot, yet not to cold.  Just right!  I am sitting at my desk with my window open listening to the birds.  Of course I have on my new Slippers from Nature's Sleep ! Now, Natures Sleep is well known for their mattresses and pillows, but I wasn't aware they also had slippers and pet beds .   Were any of my neighbors aware that they made other products.   I am glad they do!  I might have to hide my slippers from my daughter! I received the Open Toe Terry Slippers with Memory Foam ($25).  They are sooooo comfortable.  Super soft!  These slippers are great! They are available in 3 different colors; Lavender, Pale Blue, and Mocha.  Sizes are Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.  I chose the open toe, but they do have a closed toe slipper also.  Here is a little bit about the Slippers... "Take a walk in the clouds and slip your feet into these open-toe terry slippers. The visco-elastic m

Natural House Surfy

Hey Neighbors! I am not sure how many of you remember, but awhile ago I did a review and giveaway with Natural House for Sinky, Trashy and Flushy.  Each of these products worked very well and are natural household cleaning products.  Now Natural House has another product they are allowing me to share here with my neighbors At the Fence.  It is called Surfy.  It is an all surface cleaner and like all Natural House products you can feel good about using it around your home. I received Surfy and was able to use it around my home.  Surfy worked well, cutting the grease and grime on my stove top.  Afterwards, I used Surfy on my kitchen garbage can lid.  Somehow the lid never stays clean, and it is a major source of germs I am sure.  You can see by my pictures how well Surfy worked.  The part I like best though is because Surfy is Probiotic, it continues to clean even after I am done.  And Surfy can be used all over the house, from kitchen counter tops, to appliances and even bat

Whitney Farms 100% Natural Plant Foods

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Whitney Farms for SocialSpark . All opinions are 100% mine. Hey neighbors! As you all know, we have started work on both our vegetable garden and flower garden so of course we have been checking in to different types of plant food.   Whitney Farms®  has 100% Natural plant foods.  It has no additives or anything that is artificial.  From the information available on their site, I think I would like to try some on our vegetable garden.  I do get concerned about all the chemicals that are applied to our foods, so this year we planted a little bit larger vegetable garden than last year, and I want it to be as healthy for my family as possible.   Recently I have been doing some research on chemical plant foods compared to organic plant food .  It is really not surprising how much better organic is than chemical.  All to often we use what is convenient and easy, rather than what is best

Our New Project Here At the Fence

Hi Neighbors! Guess what we are doing?  Not only have we started our garden....we also are starting something else!  Take a look at our pictures and you will see! Aren't they adorable? The one with the little puff on the top of his head is a Polish. They aren't quite ready for this yet, but it is waiting for them. She is really enjoying this! Isn't he funny looking! Since I have eggs almost daily, I decided I wanted fresh eggs.  I am sure some of my neighbors know the difference between store eggs and fresh eggs.  I can definitely see and taste a difference!  I will keep you updated on how this is going.  We have 7 chicks and haven't lost a single one yet. Do any of my neighbors own or raise chickens?  I would love to hear from you if you do.  We haven't had chickens in 10 years, so we are starting all over!

Coppertone Time!

Greetings neighbors! As you all heard in a previous post I was selected to be one of the Coppertone Water Moms!  Well, I just received my package of goodies!  I love the Coppertone Water Moms tote bag, this is going to receive alot of use!  Inside the bag, was a blowup Coppertone Water Moms beach ball, a really nice Coppertone Water Moms water bottle, one Coppertone wet'n clear kids sunscreen spray and a Coppertone Water Babies Delicate foaming lotion.  And last but not least I received samples of Coppertone Water Babies Pure & Simple with some coupons and recipes to share with my neighbors and friends. Now, I do have some of these set aside for a big get together we have going on next week, where a bunch of us will be getting together, but I want to share some here with my neighbors.  So here is what I came up with, I am going to giveaway 5 of the sample tubes of Coppertone Water Babies Pure and Simple Sunscreen Lotion.  They are tear free, oil, fragrance and dye free,

How Important is Online Marketing?

Hi Neighbors! For those of you who own a business, I want to ask;, how important is online marketing to your business?  Do you use any form of on,line marketing to promote your business and to help customers find you?  What types of marketing do you use?  Internet marketing is quickly becoming a way of life and is slowly replacing other forms of advertising.  On the road again! I personally do much of my research online to find companies with products and services I am interested in.  And the next generation seems even more dependent upon electronics to solve their problems.  While traveling, we personally use an iPod to look up local businesses and restaurants.  And of course Google maps come into play here as we are often in a town we don't know well and we need correct directions quick.  We have experienced first hand how important Google Maps can be to a business.  Often times that can be a deciding factor in our being able to find the business we are looking for or if

Ugly Ted

Hey neighbors! There is an awful lot of talk going on about bullying right now.  It has reached an all time high.  For some reason children have been taught if you look different or talk different it is OK to make fun of someone and sometimes it escalates to more than just words.  Now, I came from a family where we had friendly teasing, that sometimes went overboard, but nothing like what goes on today.  My own children have been diligently taught that you do not make fun of someone.  When teasing starts I like to ask, "Is everyone having fun?  So I was excited to receive Ugly Ted for review.  I just have to tell you the first thing one of my children said upon seeing Ugly Ted was, "Mom, he is so ugly he's cute!"  Well needless to say, Ugly Ted has found a home where he will be loved and well taken care of. Shy! Slowly peeking out! Seriously, Ugly Ted is not your average teddy bear.  He has one ear larger than the other.  His nose is crooked, and so ar

Summer Gardening and Children's Claritin

Hey Neighbors! We have been doing alot of work on our garden the past week.  M loves to plant and  begged to be allowed to do a vegetable garden this year.  Well, she worked hard, and we are actually beginning to have plants come up.  The only problem is she has allergies, so sometimes working outside is not all that great, but she does it anyway.  That is why I am thankful to Claritin for their Children's Claritin products.  They make it possible for her to work outside in her garden.  Below are a few pictures. Garden growing! Here are some of her new plants! Trying to decide where each one should go. Working diligently! These are her tomato plants starting to sprout. Watering her newly planted flowers! Nice! By the way neighbors, here are some facts I recently received about tree pollen: The Claritin® Allergen Guide: Tree Pollen Edition Outdoor allergens like seasonal pollens and molds can

ETY Kid's Earphones

Hi Neighbors! Do your children use an iPod, iPad, or even computer to listen to music or anything else?  Mine listen to music, sermons, lessons for school, etc.  Do you get concerned regarding the sound levels or listening time?  I do.  How many times have you walked past a child with earphones on and you can clearly hear what they are listening to?  With ETY Kid's Earphones you won't have that problem.  ETY says the main reason people, kids included, turn up the volume is to block distracting background noise. Your child can actually turn the volume to it's highest setting and the ETY earphones will not exceed safe levels.  Your child can listen up to 4 hours safely even at the maximum volume.  And yes, it works!  I tried it! Now your children can enjoy their music, videos, games, etc. and you can know that they are not damaging their hearing.  Thank you ETY! The ETY Kid's Earphones are designed for ages 4 and up. They come with the ETY Kid's Earphon