Monday, March 12, 2012

Style J Denim Skirts!

Hello Neighbors!

How is everyone today.  It was a little chilly here this morning but then it started getting warmer.  My little sister has been planning what dresses or jumpers she wants made before we leave for a little trip.  The problem... we are leaving in four days!  Really!  I am slowly packing and I don't have much left to do.  One thing that helped was this was  new skirt I received.  It is called the Relaxed Long Jean Skirt from Style J Denim Skirts!  It is soooo pretty.

Style J carries so many different Trendy Skirts and Denim Skirts, that I had a hard time choosing.  My first choice is usually a denim, but I really had a hard time making up my mind.  They also carry maternity skirts.  We have a couple of friends that could use one of these.And best of all...they have a Final Sale section with marked down skirts.  My favorite!

I love how it looks!  I really like that is has pockets.  That is one thing that not all skirts have but I find very useful.  I go to stick something in my pocket and then realize that this skirt does not have pockets so I love that this one does!

I love the red plaid trimming around the hem, waist line, and pockets.  It looks so nice.

I also love that it is plenty long enough.  I only wear long skirts and alot of the skirts out there are just too short!The skirt is very well-made. My sister wants one now too! She eventually ends up with mine anyway.

Style J fits right in with our Fun Fashion Fair here At the Fence.  I love to share with my neighbors all of the great finds, just like neighbors used to do over their fences.  One Neighbor will receive a skirt in the same style I received from Style J Denim Skirts!

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Darlene said...

Another skirt I love is Trendy Black Leather Skirt

Danielle S said...

I like the Chocolate Delight Long Denim Skirt
royalegacy at gmail

latanya t said...

Professional Blue Pencil Skirt

Darlene said...

Whoops my entry went through before I could put the tweet info.!/darleneowen1234/status/180040562970329088