Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring and Meyer Lemon Trees

Hi Neighbors!

We are having a great time now that spring seems to have come upon us.  We even have a few flowers blooming, and my daughter is planning her garden.  I just have to tell you about a Meyer Lemon Tree that we received from Fast-Growing-Trees.  Right now it is on my front porch.  We are trying to decide whether to plant it in the yard or to just put it in a nice pot that we can move in next winter.  I am thinking more towards a nice pot.  Right now it does not look like much, but it appears very healthy.  See the pictures below.

Here is my little tree.  Please remember that it had leaves when it came in!
Here is what my little tree will eventually look like!
Let me tell you one way that I know I received a healthy plant.  The tree came in right after we left on our trip to Florida.  Unfortunately I was not aware I would miss it.  Anyway, we have a friend who collects our mail and packages and puts them in the house for us.  He did not open and water the Meyer Lemon Tree for 2 weeks.  He then opened it and watered it for me.  It still looks good.  I am amazed!  I was afraid I might have to write a post about my poor, dead tree.  I can't wait to see how well it grows, and to get some lemons from it.
It is growing!

Are you planning to purchase some fruit trees this year?  Be sure to check out  They also have evergreens, shade trees, flowering trees, privacy trees, and shrubs and hedges.  I have been checking out their site, and they have alot of interesting trees and bushes.  I wouldn't mind a free berry bushes this year!  Be sure before making a purchase that you check out their zone chart that gives you information on which plants will grow in your zone.  They also have a replacement plan should your tree die within 1 year of purchase.  If it dies within 90 days you receive a 75% credit towards new plants, and if it dies after 90 days but within one year you will receive a 50% credit toward future purchases.  Not bad!

I hope my neighbors will take a few minutes and check out  See if they have something you are interested in.  You just might find the plant that you are looking for.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive a Meyer Lemon Tree for review purposes.  All thoughts and opinions are entirely mine.

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