Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sedative Dentistry and Wisdom Teeth

Hey Neighbors!

How many of you have experienced sedative dentistry?  My husband and I did the same week once.  I went first, and had all four wisdom teeth pulled at the same time!  Unfortunately, the friend who came to watch my daughters arrived a little early and told all the horror stories she new about having wisdom teeth removed.  I am talking, people who couldn't speak for days, people who had to actually have major surgery to remove their wisdom teeth, and of course, those whose teeth broke off as it was being pulled.  I arrived at the Dental Clinic where my husband worked and  chair.  One of the first things they did was took my BP.  Needless to say it was high.  After hearing about all the stories I had heard he took some time to reassure me, and to allow my BP to drop.  As soon as it had gone down I was sedated and had my four wisdom teeth pulled.  I came out of it, and was able to walk from the vehicle to the house when we returned.  My husband babied me for a day or two until it was his turn.

A few days later my husband went in to have his wisdom teeth pulled.  A close friend offered to drive him home.  He called me shortly before they returned, so I would be ready.  When he came in the door, he was actually helping to support my husband.  He told me that instead of J waiting for him to get around the vehicle to help him in, he had opened the door and almost fallen out.  Then while waiting for me to open the door, he dropped his prescription pain killers on the sidewalk outside and the bottle shattered.  He promised to return to the clinic and bring another bottle back.  My husband was immediately put to bed and he went to sleep.  I was able to take care of him this time.

I have never really come to a decision whether he had more sedation then I did, or if I just handled it a little better.  I like to tease him that I handled it better, but we will probably never know.  I have seen that they now use sedation to help a patient relax for regular dental routines.  I sure wish they had been around when I was younger!  Have you ever been sedated for dental work?  How did you respond?

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Angie Bailey said...

I have all four of my wisdom teeth out at once under sedation and I came out perfectly fine. I did get a little nauseous later on from the pain meds but otherwise I was eating and drinking normally in a day or two without any problems.

My boyfriend got his out last year but he didn't go under sedation so he was awake the entire time. He was in a lot of pain for about a week and bled a good bit for about 3-4 days and couldn't eat normally for well over a week.

I think I handled this one better too! : )

Unknown said...

I have been put to sleep several times and always just walked out just like you, but some people are really bad and my dentist said everyone takes sedation differently, so it depends on the individual:) I also think woman are stronger than men with pain and bouncing back!

Darlene said...

I had my wisdom teeth out and the sedation made me really sick, vomiting and sleepy. But when my husband had his out he had 6 teeth on two teeth he had double teeth so needless to say he had major surgery and of course suffered much worse than I did.

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